“Riva”. The Film, Not The Boat, But It Is A Film About The Boat. Riva Boats.

Riva perfection

Today you are going to need to click on a link. I know, I know. That one click could drain you of all your energy for the day. But here is the good news, watching the film.. about 5 minutes will get you all frothed up. So it’s all good. Now, to entice you a little more, we have  some screen grabs. Which is not a #metoo grab, but for a computer thing. It’s okay.

Magic moment on the water.

Lots of golden perfect light

Are you warming up your click finger? Doing click finger exercises? It will help, otherwise your finger muscles will hurt tomorrow from the workout, from a winter of coach potatoing. BTW, are you still actually reading this dribble? Watch the dang video, its got Slow Mo shots of Rivas doing what Riva’s do. Looking like the hot Italian models they are.

Roll those credits..

And now.. Get your click finger out! Yup, that one.. And


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great film. Rivas are truly in a class of their own, How did the let that one CC ski boat get in there!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Great way to wake up this morning.

    Recognized some friends that I hope to see at Dora next week!

  3. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    Those Rivas are certainly impressive. It really looks like a comfortable ride, especially for the captain who have to sit on their perches in order to see where they’re going underway.
    Oh, but I forgot – “It’s a Riva”

  4. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    They look like really comfortable boats especially for the captains who have to be perched on the seat backs while underway.
    That looks like a fun ride to me.

  5. rivaguru
    rivaguru says:


    Thanks for showing us having FUN with the Rivas! For the record, there were: 2 Tritones, an Aquarama an Ariston, and an Olympic – ranging from 1958 to 1977.

  6. Happy with the boat we have thank you...
    Happy with the boat we have thank you... says:

    Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful boats…but I don’t think it would be that enjoyable or safe blasting thru the waves while standing or having your butt on the seat back top. For all of the great design, maybe a better seat design would be in order.

    And frankly, this guy, his six Rivas and his little cabin is just insulting…

    • Rivaguru
      Rivaguru says:

      The Riva seats are designed so that in the standing position the pilot is safe and comfortable. The pilot seat is set up with foot pads so that the operator is still well supported. I personally have several hundred hours of operating Aquarama from the standing or seat back position, and have never felt unsafe.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    I have been on the back in the “Play Pen” and its extremely smooth ride, which is one of the magic things about a Riva. And I am not sure how having 6 Rivas is insulting. YOU, YOU .. 6 Riva person you!!!! Ya, just does not come off right.. HA

  8. 72Hornet
    72Hornet says:

    Thanks for sharing the video Matt, great to see everyone out enjoying the beautiful day on one of my favorite choice of ride! See you all in Tavares!

  9. Happy...
    Happy... says:

    Merely having six Rivas is not insulting…but his little quip about his cabin by the water is.

    One cannot climb the ladder of success and be both at the top and at the bottom. And when those near the bottom look skyward, the view is nothing but the crack of an ass. Ain’t nothing funny about that.

    • Rivaguru
      Rivaguru says:


      A “cabin” is a colloquialism….. there are many expansive “cottages” in the Thousand Islands, in the Adirondacks, and on Muskoka. Y’All totally missed the point. This is about the joy of ownership and the FUN of Woody boating, not about envy.

  10. gary visser
    gary visser says:

    If it takes six Rivas to become a schmuck, then my brother is, as always, an overachiever! He’s a schmuck and only owns two! Please enjoy the joke and thanks for sharing.

    • Ned Protexter
      Ned Protexter says:

      Gary, only a schmuck would allow child abuse in his shop. You’re right, horrible person to the core.

  11. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sure is some negative comments today,(looking up at someones ass crack lol?) I am sure not insulted but Ill admit I am a little jealous. Oh well I should have attended school a few more years, nobody’s fault but my own. They are beautiful boats and attract beautiful women as well, what more could a man want? We are packing clothes soon for Mt Dora, so ready for tshirts and shorts

      • Happy not to be a schmuck
        Happy not to be a schmuck says:

        According to Gary, having two makes you a schmuck, so with one you could be half way there. And once you’re a schmuck, there is no way to go back. Everyone will think of you as just a typical regular schmuck. Forever a schmuck.

        I disagree with Gary though, having just one doesn’t make you a schmuck or even half a schmuck and I ain’t never heard of anyone being called half a schmuck. You either are or aren’t, a schmuck that is.

        So who wouldn’t want a Riva is a difficult question because only a real schmuck would sell one. Who wants to buy from a schmuck?

  12. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    I only made my comment because I was impressed with it all
    House boats etc
    God bless someone that can amass that great collection
    Please don’t block the video, it’s amazing!!!

    • Martin Feletto
      Martin Feletto says:

      Well that is my ass I am the other guy with 6 Rivas. I thought we just loved beautiful boats at every level of the food chain. I’d like to have a beer with whoever it was that had a problem and discuss how our life’s have gone I bet he would be surprised at my story. Might change his angry approach but I am offering him to contact to me and discuss. We all have our boundaries but it does not mean you cant strive for better. What should have been a beautiful enjoyment of some thing I was part of got kind of twisted from just one or two comments. I think better to just enjoy the majesty of the boats at the top of the food chain and appreciate their magistracy.

      This is Marty Feletto (916) 765- 1234 Happy to talk to any of you. In will be in tavares

      • 72hornet
        72hornet says:

        Brother Gary, Marty, Alan, Matt and the rest of the Woodyboater faithful, this schmuck feels blessed to have and enjoy the classic boating lifestyle and friends made with always good times along the way. Through good times and bad, I’ve always been able to enjoy each and every day knowing how precious life is. It gives me joy seeing the pride in owners eyes at every level of boat from a canoe to a Riva. Some of my favorite boats are my least expensive…
        We are all lucky to share this common hobby and that for one makes it all worth while! Hopefully someone will want to have a beer with this schmuck!

  13. Texx
    Texx says:

    Regardless of what kind of classic wooden boats you like or own, big or small, older or newer, there is nothing quite like a Riva. The grace, elegance, craftsmanship, performance, attention to detail and Carlo Rivas timeless design is outstanding.

    If you ever have an opportunity to go for a spin in a Riva, it will be an experience you will never forget. At least, that was my experience. – Texx

  14. Justin
    Justin says:

    Haters gonna hate.
    Anyway I can’t get password to see the video?
    Would love to see the Rivas and not too concerned about whom the owner is or isn’t, just love the boats.

  15. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    Having made very detailed scratchbuilt models of Rivas for clients I have had the fortune to crawl over them with a very discerning eye and what I found was not especially impressive. Sure, they’re pretty and they do cut through the water smoothly, but beyond that they’re nothing special. The support framing for the decks is just soft wood. The famous deck chrome is just from a Turin catalogue and the hulls are three layers of wood made in steel moulds under heat and pressure. I saw an Italian lorry deliver a complete Aquarama side which went straight on the frames with a clunk. OK, timber choice of that outer horizontal layer was remarkable, but everything else was really pretty ordinary. The engines were Chevy big blocks, the steering wheel allegedly Cadilac, etc., etc. It was genuinely nothing more than it ought to have been. A real case, under examination, of “so what”. And if a Riva is worth (last price in Britain of the original wooden ones) £385,000, then a nicely kept CC or Greavette is worth at least 500,000! Which, of course, neither are.

    • Rivaguru
      Rivaguru says:

      More sour grapes……I don’t know what Riva Aquarama You studied, but You observations are not all correct. Having the benefit of actually working on the Aquarama construction line in Sarnico, and restoring a good number of Rivas (including some 20 AQs), I must disagree with You regarding several points. However, This is not the forum for a Riva symposium. We are supposed to be ENJOYING our boats and hobby/vocation!!!

  16. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am glad I got to watch the video before it was turned private.

    Anyone, myself included, on the “ladder” looking up at “ass crack” had best take a look behind them. There are lots of people behind us looking at our “ass crack” too.

    ALL of us in this hobby are very fortunate to live the life we do!!!

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