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A fun blast from the past image! Still true.

Well, we are setting out on the fun ride south to about as far South as we can go. To the land of sunshine and mullet hair cuts, mixed in with some great varnish and even greater pals. I personally love the drive, and that joy when we hit around South Carolina when you can buzz down the windows and let that Vitamin D just soak in.

We are bringing the Termite Terror. Trailers well, starts well, runs well, and well. The only boat working!

The plan is to hit Lake Dora on Sunday and set up the new Woody Boater White House as its now been officially named. Dock and all. This year its a week of fuel consumption and double doses of Crestor. Wooohoooo!

Today’s header before I added color and ME!

Old photo!

The header if you missed it. This was fun to make.

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Where do you find this stuff Matt? I think that is a 37 Chevrolet pulling that camper. Maybe some other people can weigh in on the make of the boat and camper. If this rig was around now it would be a conversation piece at Dora. Safe travels everyone.

    • Greg & Janice
      Greg & Janice says:

      That boat looks exactly like the boat we found washed up on an island in the North Channel (near Spanish Ont.) back in 1974. It was made to double as a sail/rowing boat. It had four oar locks so you could row either way. We took it home, replaced the bottom, refinished it back to varnish (it was painted pink and white), purchased oars and a sunflower sail, made a dagger board and rudder, and then used it until mid 80’s.

      It hung in the garage until 2008 when we sold it to someone in Wixom Mi. We called it the “Double Ender Dory.” Great memories. We’ll have to check the old photos to scan a picture.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    No Troy and Sandi, no M-fine….won’t be quite the same….but I will be there, eventually, but today…sunny in ole Va….and I am….surprise! GOING BOATING!

    See y’all there!

    John in Va.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Be there next weekend…Notice ACBS newsletter doesn’t mention Tavares. Guess they not coming this year.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:


    Like your route…Used to trvel it with parents in 1934- 1940 era in our old Pontiac. U.S. #one was two lane and
    very places for colored live in help to stay eat or use rest room. AAA published a “green book” to help on that.

    We’ll be in Tavares this time next week. See you there.

    Notice ACBS newsltter today, doesn’t mentoin Tavares. Guess they not coming this year.

  5. Randy
    Randy says:

    … seems like the more boats one accumulates the fewer you can keep running — I know that feeling!

    Maybe it is time to ‘skinny’ down to one runabout (and one ‘yacht’ of course). And that bout’ should be an outboard (like a 16′ AristoCraft Torpedo) with (2) outboards (one spare) for it so one is ALWAYS running.

  6. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    As the sun slowly sets on one of the most pleasant Missouri Saturdays of this year – – Spring begins on Wednesday — And In just a few days ‘Hello Florida’ and there will be several days at Lake Dora for Florida Sunsets AND Sunrises AND . . .

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