ROAD TRIP! The Cure For The Common Cold…Day!

We averaged around 9 miles per gallon

We all love a road trip, and this Friday was like a one day vacation.  I was feeling a touch of sickness and decided to call myself and say I was sick. Shockingly I told myself to stay away from work and not infect anyone at the office. I also told myself to go see a DR. Now of course I already knew what the cure to my illness was..VARNISH! And a old Diner Burger! And know what? I was cured. Praise the Varnish.

Fuel and bathroom breaks.

Anyway, at around 5AM Jimmy and I left for a winter run with Scarlet and the VanNess W in tow. Scarlet is getting a new 5200 bottom.. Woohoooo! Actually her bottom is in great shape, which is the perfect time to get ahead of it.

Ripping down the road!

We have found a set of back roads that take the same time and since we would hit three cities of Rush Hr, it took less time and less stress.

Jimmys Truck has 380,000 miles on it and aint stopping. LOVE that engine -2005 Chevy 2500 HD

Strapped in. I take it up to VanNess every year to be checked out. Normal routine stuff

We arrived in no time at Katzs Marina and dropped of the boat and engine and of course just walked around and sniffed varnish and drooled all over the place. We recommend anyone with a little Winteritous, to look for your local Classic Boat restorer and take a visit.

Right off the bat, Henry at Katzs was applying a fresh coat of stain on a customers Holiday.

We all put our hands in our pockets. Wait.. PERVERTS, not for that reason.. Cant we just talk about boats here.

Cool stain shot

Henry is a super perfectionist.

Plaidtastic in a varnish room. The marina is multiple rooms that each have a function

Clean as a whistle

You can see the genus of Alan Johnson here with how the gold lief is treated

Playing with focus

Plaidtastic Perfection – She smiles now!

The bung room! And no its not in the back of the building

Bungs, bungs and more bungs.

Note the grain is placed so it flows with the boats grain

Tool of the trade

Into another building. The raw wood work happens here. This place rocks!

Re Decking a Racing Runabout

New bottom on a customers original family boat.

Another customers .. Issues being addressed. YIKES!

Then out to another room. A killer refreshed Super Sport


We need two of these for Jimmy’s new super sport

Mustang/ Falcon Wheel Standard. Beautifully preserved


A quick unload of the W and outta there! The last thing we want to do is be in the way. This place is a well oiled machine, and they are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.. The place was packed with boats and workers.

UGH… The ride home. DC traffic is a cold slap in the face. I am not feeling so good again!

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  1. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Road Trip – – BOAT Road Trip – – More SMILES-Per-Gallon – – Also no bugs on the Boat Windshield this time of year – – During the flying bug season without a towing cover try some ‘slick film’ or ‘cling wrap’ on the glass, or acrylic, windshield – – Works – – Lots of bungs for an early morning post – – I know, just sharing the highlights of the trip – – Thanks – –

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That “trusty” W seems to need a lot of work and a lot of trips back to NJ. Also, how do you go to NJ and not pick up some real bagels and bialys? Load up a NJ bagel with cream cheese and a double serving of lox and you have a breakfast so good youcan even skip the bacon for the day.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        Bob, you are going to have to help them out. When they return to pickup the boat and engine, please make sure they are well fed and leave with a take home package!

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    We do this every year, down here we have good mechanics, but I like to have an expert look over things. Salt water can be rough, and we check Manafolds, and all sorts of small issues. Normally the engine is in the boat, but this seemed to be a good way to have it looked at. I do think it needs a water pump impeller though. She has been running very well, since we figured out some small issues, which I might add were created because I didnt have someone like Dave to stay ahead of it. I would recomend anyone that this is the time of year to have stuff looked over.

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      New water pump impeller sitting on the bench in the barn ready to go into the MCL next year. Three seasons on the old impeller, but installing the new one in the spring avoids unnecessary winter blade set on the new one. She will be pumping at full capacity again!

  4. Doug F
    Doug F says:

    That’s our Capri “Coffee Bean” in the bung room and in the Issues shot…her second proud appearance on WB after a header a few years back during some Katz work…after nearly 20 years time has come to refasten, revarnish and address some rot along the way…she’s a user boat but hopeful to see her sparkle come summer…was nice to get a surprise update on the site today so thanks!

  5. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    As you can tell from Jim’s picture. The Super Sport emblems have had holes drilled in them. There suppose to be held on from the ons on the back side. But a lot of people drill holes in them because you have to pull the ceiling boards loose to get to the back of them.

    My 2002 is almost exactly 100,000 less then Jimmy’s. Still the original engine and still going strong.

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