Roy Dryer -The Classic, Classic Boat Artist.


I met Roy at the Warner auction a couple months ago. But I have known Roys work for years.. Roys art is one of the mainstays of the classic boat hobby.. Just look through some old Classic Boating magazines, or old posters for Lake Tahoe.. He also has a web site with a gillion posters and art on them.. Here are some samples and his bio from the site..


Born In San Francisco and raised on the San Francisco peninsula, Roy spent ten years as an art educator in Northern California before devoting his energy full-time to his career in fine art.


Over the past 3 decades Roy’s artwork has focused on commissioned work celebrating peoples’ passions for exotic, classic, antique, and racing automobiles, the beauty of wooden boats, and aircraft. Roy ’s passion for his art has paid tribute to beloved pets and racehorses, showcased the true beauty of scenic wineries and high tech businesses, evoking a sense of movement and wonder in each instance.

Poster for Thunderbird

A long-time resident of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Roy is the artist and creator of official event posters for some of Northern California’s premier events. His portfolio includes official artwork and posters of some of Northern California’s premier events.

Roy also does private commission work. 
Since 1984, Roy has created the official poster for the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Concours de Elegance held each year in Carnelian Bay, the Ironstone Classic Automobile Concours de Elegance held each year in Murphys, and during its tenure, the Silverado Automobile Concours de Elegance

Roy ’s unique artistic style is perhaps best described as photo impressionistic which creates a wonderful sense of believability by involving the viewer in the piece. In essence, the art becomes a living entity rather than a static object.

There ya have it.. Roys Bio and some very nice art.. And best of all.. I have some nice comments coming in and peace and quiet.. All is calm in Woody Boaterville.. Tomorrow, photography..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thanks for yet another great post of unique Classic Nautical Art at it's best. I am very impressed with Roy's unique vision of Art In Motion. I can almost hear the spray of water and the purr of finely tuned engines as I view the familiar vintage runabouts he captures in action.

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