Ruth & Jerry Thompson Go On Vacation.


Photo Ruth Thompson

Ruth had been wanting to take a vacation for years. It had been to long since they went. Jerry worked two jobs and could never get both jobs to match up. But once he did, they packed up the camper and went for the week to New Brunswick. Now Canada back in the day was exotic travel. Especially by camper.. And a boat.. Ruth wasn’t too sure how it would all go, but a vacation is a vacation.

At the border.

And Jerry was very happy to get away. The good news is Ruth had an old Kodak camera and an eye for such things. And even better, when they croaked from over working, someone bought all their slides at the estate sale, and now is “flipping” them on ebay, and now I am making up a story from some slides found in a drawer. And time marches on. RIP Ruth and Jerry. At least that’s how I see this all going. For all I know, Ruth ran off with a Mountie and Jerry got angry and went off to the great white north and was eaten by a polar bear. Ruth enjoyed her Mountie distraction for a month and then went back home to Duluth and worked at a Dentist office as the receptionist the rest of her life.. And these slides were sold off by her son Monty…. who by the way looks a lot like that Mountie.. Hey.. Just say’n

The full load

Some sightseeing

Finding the perfect spot. I have a feeling Ruth and Jerry are pros at this. WOW.. They have the set up. Even the boats are registered in Canada.

The catch of the day!

Not a bad setup. Maybe a water view? Sitting by the campfire, cooking up some fresh fish caught that day. Going to bed smelling like a campfire.  Maybe tomorrow we go out boating.

OH YA! The Money Shot.

Thats all I got from the slides. If you want to invent your own family adventure, you can own these slides with one or two clicks. HERE ON EBAY then see other items or below the listing. The collection is there. 1968 Camping trip. WOW!

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  1. Matt (not that Matt)
    Matt (not that Matt) says:

    My grandpa had a rig very much like that. Ford pickup, camper and boat. But his boat was a Chetek with a 55 hp Bearcat outboard. The boat and motor are still sitting in a barn in Iowa. Sometimes I think I need to rescue it but it’s in pretty bad shape and 1000 miles from me. Anyway. Thanks for the reminder of where I found my love for wooden boats!!

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP) says:

    Really liked the story! Rigs like this were a common sight in the north country in the 60s. You had a small motorhome and a pickup at the same time. Ford even made a pickup truck called a Camper Special. Looks like these people were seasoned fishermen ,campers and boaters.

  3. Randy
    Randy says:

    Matt, have you ever considered writing soap opera scrips??? This could become a major hit show, plus give us woody boaters a LOT of coverage.

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