Saturday Dora Sausage

WOW, the art of it all. I love this image.

And you thought I was kidding about milking Lake Dora. mmmmm 3 years of no boat shows and sorry.. I am gonna bask in it all for as long as I can. And thanks to Steve Lapkin, I get to just go go go.. Oh and there is more. But the fun part of sausage is you never know whats coming, so stay tuned. Here is some Sausage Steve Style. Okay maybe thats not the best way to describe it. Steves Sausage? Nooooo. Milking Steves Sausage.. OH GOD!!!!!! NO…

OKAY OKAY OKAY, Yes I am 12.. Can we move on.. Here – Lake Dora Sausage By Steve Lapkin.. Okay.. Dang,

What are those holes? Fishing? Air? Deign for design sake

Blue and grey. WOW, this would be an amazing poster


Love the sliver of the hatch opening. A study in lines and shadows. Here is where Steves artistic touch kicks in.

The lines and style of the Arabians are amazing

In a strange way I like the colors of the towel. Cant explain it. But it works. It is sausage after all.

The lead image of the story in color. See how Steve made art of a jiffy john and plastic fence.. Thats an artists view of the world

And again, it feels so lonely without you the boats and joy.


Waves and Tugs and Tootie keeping the waters safe from crime

Ampha cars being Ampha

Sarah Lee

Gar Wooding

Under cover

Lines! or Mahogany parasites?

Oh ya. Love me a real steering wheel

Mahogany and chrome

The small detils matter

GREEN with envy? Me too! I love this all. Centurys fun with color was a true stroke of genus.

Thats it for today, too much Sausage in one day makes me gassy.. Stay Tuned..

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  1. Troy Still in FLA
    Troy Still in FLA says:

    Milk it, Milk It, MILK IT!!!!!

    I can’t get enough of Dora!

    I sure do LOVE how Florida establishments choose to decorate their men’s rooms.

  2. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Had lunch at the Boat House restaurant in Orlando on our way to the airport to fly back to California. Steve Lapkin’s art/ photography was everywhere in the restaurant, awesome.

    • Steven A Lapkin
      Steven A Lapkin says:

      THANK YOU Tim!!! Great to visit with you at Tavares. Artwork/photos at The Boathouse is thanks to owner/operator, Steven Schussler…..and with unselfish encouragement by Dave Bortner! Glad you enjoyed. EVERY woody boater should visit The Boathouse at least once! S

  3. Mercstun Howell
    Mercstun Howell says:

    Great photos…. I’ve never seen so many Centurys and so little Chris Crafts ever on Woodyboater. Loving the pics 📸 . 😉

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      There were a lot of very nice Century’s in attendance. My favorite was the Seamade, but that has always been my favorite Century.

  4. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    The Mt. Dora Reunion was just what all of us needed. Damn! It felt good to see people “live” and NOT on some dumb laptop screen……’s hoping we can all enjoy the coming summer months!
    Of course, no show would be complete without some “souvenirs” to bring home to remember the fun. So, yes, a bunch of Matt’s Varnish Mugs, parts for boats and motors, signs and what required a best friends help to bring home from the Field of Dreams behind a rented UHaul……..and Patti thought she was in the clear since my truck hitch already had a boat attached.
    “Necessity IS the Mother of Invention”. or something like that…….😄

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I had the privilege of spending time with Steve on the dock at the Coeur d’ Alene ACBS International Show last fall. A true artist and gentleman, dedicated to his craft and the boating community. He celebrates life with every photograph!

  6. ART A
    ART A says:

    Troy, not as sexy as your men’s room decor photo, but you can imagine my surprise, a few years ago while doing my thing, in a men’s restroom in a restaurant in North Fort Myers FL . Yes I was staring at a picture of MOLLY-O.

    I later contacted the owner’s wife, who had done the new restaurant’s decorations and this is what she told me. “My husband was working so many hours at opening the restaurant he wasn’t home much. So I copied some boats off the internet that had our dogs names on the transoms, so when he was doing his “business” he would have a moment of home.”

    And yes that is a beer half barrel urinal.


    One thing that I forgot to mention, our leader Matt actually took that photo while doing a shoot in Algonac many years ago………small world.

  8. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Wow some wonderful and interesting detail shots in here today. Love your work Steve.

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