Saturday Algonac Sausage A La Lapkin

George gives the thumbs up. Not sure why, but he did.

A huge thanks to Steve Lapkins eyeball and for sending us in the tid bits left over from last weeks Algonac 100 Year Celebration. It’s kinda crazy to think that was a week ago. But time marches on, and hopefully many of you are out there today not reading WoodyBoater and making new memories to be plastered all over WoodyBoater. Like taking a shortcut?

Anyway, back to The Sausage A La Lapkin. Steve was very generous with the Stinky shots. But I do know he is holding back some amazing OWEN shots for the Brass Bell. Smart move Mr Lapkin, Smart move!

Mike Green brought a wonderful Silver Arrow, and Steve got the cool reflection shot

I think this is Chris Smiths Sea Skiff.

Oh hell ya!


Bob, and OWEN out boating

OWEN telling Bob a joke, which of course Bob has heard before, since the joke is about 70 years old. Or maybe Bob is looking at a gauge, and thinking. mmmm that doesnt look normal? Or maybe ?

With the survivors from #REEDVILLE STRONG

MOLLY -O post Exit

Like she is mithing a tooth

It’s a Pat Chaps sandwich

Wonderful Express

One of my favorite boats of the show. It was at the Picnic only. BUT WOW

Looked great, but sounded like she was missing. Oh those triple carbs

KIWANIS 1ST Place! Waiting for Art to Exit his Exit

Always checking the bilge. She ran like a top. No issues.

Small and mighty

Wonderful boating


Smile your on?

A little Lens on lens action

The Pass Gas Special

A huge thanks to Chef Lapkin for a wonderful Saturday breakfast of Algonac Sausage


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Great stuff as always Steve!

    I just LOVE the shoot out competitions between Steve and Kent O! They both have a great eye for the camera, but come out with total different perspectives.

  2. Bob Shapton
    Bob Shapton says:

    What a great weekend, many thanks Matt and Steve!!! Finally getting the big boat out…

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