A Day In Nowhereville

Mista B LOVES a boat ride… and scraps!

I have little unrelated scraps of images taking up space and so I am now dumping them on you. A day of floating around WoodyBoaterville in a dazed way. Sometimes ya just want to shift in neutral and drift. No direction, just the calmness of not caring. Not concerned about a direction, or destination. Just a blob, with nothing to do. Kinda like my teenage years. Now leave me alone!

Floating the floating dock to the railway

Prop plant!

Out and aboat!

parking spot for Wayne. I am using old plastic letters from boats as signage.

The mailbox numbers

PARTS, all used old plastic boat letters

Bob Kays sent this image to us. WOW!

My son used some real film to take photos of a boat ride. The quality of the film is wonderful and makes the simplest photo feel like art. Such is the effect of digital images, have made old photos art now.

Lets go!

Oh boy!

The BW Boatress

A day on the water


Red, white and blue skys

Warm summer day

And back to Mista B!

Hope you enjoyed the journey, comment freely.

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  1. Stenz lake Minnetonka & Hayward Wi
    Stenz lake Minnetonka & Hayward Wi says:

    Woodyboater has been my “first stop” every morning for many years. It’s really interesting to see how a hobby/interest has slowly evolved into a brand that you and your family have not only cultivated, but fully embrace and live.
    Quite refreshing in the age of social media.
    Keep up the great work & thank you!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    If you have restrooms there then use the Parts door. “Male Parts” and/or “Lady Parts”. Ok my mind works in strange ways. Nice pics by the way.

  3. tom
    tom says:

    I can’t get enough of the rear deck shot of todays header.Bob Kayes photos always great.Got to be a Katzs finish on there.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    ”Just a blob, with nothing to do. Kinda like my teenage years. ”
    You are a funny bugger.

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