Sausage Mash Gasp!


Lake Hopatcong Scrap

Today we are gonna use some lips and snouts from previous gasping this year to do a mash gasp. And start the sad winter tradition of Sausage Days. To those new to Sausage Days, they are days here on Woody Boater made up of scraps of stories that are to small to make a meal. So we make sausage.. Can anyone tell I haven’t had breakfast yet?

parked at the Reedville Railway

Zooming around the bay

Birds of a feather

Drive by shooting. Sorry Wil.


Outstanding in my field..bay, boat. okay just in that spot

Jimmy and Shannon

Reedville Run

Back to lake Hopatcong

A huge thanks to Lynn Gullick and Bob Kays for the shots

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  1. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Yeah well..,
    You Should be figuring out how to record the Presidential Debates tonight.

    Wooden Boats are an ‘Aside’…,

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