Saved By The Bell! Again…

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No I am not talking about some teen TV show. So those of you reading this under the age of 15. Sorry. Quick! click away, it’s going to read like blah blah from your parents…. Runnnnnn!

We are talking about the new issue of the Brass Bell.

Just when the world is going dark and cold, with not a woody boat in site. Just slow paying clients and “cash pouring out like a fire hose” as a good pal of mine said. Nothing selling, and no weekend to go boating… And then it happens. Like the Publishers clearing house at your doorstep. The new issue of the Brass Bell arrives. This issue is the best yet. I know, I know…I keep saying that. But its true. Bill Basler is an amazing asset to the hobby and the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. Also… The photography of Don Ayers…..Who would have thought that a machine of factoids could shoot such deep and emotional photo’s. I was, and am blown away. The center fold shot of a 1965 26 foot Continental Sedan is breathtaking… It actually makes you want to buy a 26ft Continental Sedan. And no, I am not going to show you the shot. You need to join the club and get this amazing publication yourself. My latest issue of Classic Boating came as well two weeks ago. It’s also a very nice publication, with a great note at the beginning about not cutting back on quality due to the economy, I aplaud that, and the complete focus on printed matter. Not a pixle of online anything from those guys. The more I think about it, the more I respect that. With that said though, there is an emotion that the Brass Bell design captures. Like no other publication. You FEEL like you have been at a boat show, or on a ride. Not just looking at a photo of one. And that is what is the saving grace of the Bell.. You truly get your fix… Now, all I ask is that you do a scatch and sniff of burnt oil, with a slight hint of gas, and varnish, and I will be in heaven…

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Matt, you are too kind. I love the Brass Bell and (plug your ears) and hate it at the same time. It is a joy to work on, but each issue is like giving birth. OK, I’ve never given birth, but it has to be the same right? My wife strongly disagrees.

    We are unbelievably proud of this magazine. When we first came up with this thought of making the Brass Bell the best it could be, our small staff had two publishing veterans, and a whole bunch of novices who wanted to learn how it was done. I have seen this small group come together. Non-writers are—kind of, sort of—starting to resemble writers. Non-photographers are starting to become photographers.

    My job as a designer is easy, in a strange way. I get to do with The Bell what I have been doing my entire career. It’s the “other guys” who have really stepped up. They’ve learned the publishing process and how to write to a style guide. They’ve learned how to ftp files, and how to shoot aesthetically pleasing photos. And they’re doing it for no pay!

    This is what truly makes the Brass Bell what it is. It is a magazine crafted out of love for wooden boats. That’s it. If it was business, it would make for a pathetic business model. Luckily, it’s not business, so we can spend our time sweating what feels right. I am super proud of Bill Baldwin, Terry Fiest, Don Ayers, Brian Robinson, and ALL of the contributors to the Brass Bell. It is a labor of love, from those who love old boats.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    The fact that your comment was made at 12:30 at night says it all. It is a golden age for the Chris Craft club. The magic that comes from all you guys working together is reflected in all the communication tools being used. Terry, Bill, Brian, and Don are a wonderful content creators for sure.

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