Selfish Request – Engine Plate Question

Stinkys Engine plate in the barn

I am getting Stinky as cleaned up as I can with ruining her, and since her engine, The PASS GAS SPECIAL needs to not be a clump of rust, I cleaned it up and put her new rebuilt carb on. While doing this, Her engine Brass Plate got some paint on it so I thought. mmm I should clean that up.. It’s been cleaned before so stop your moaning about leaving it ratty. Okay, thats the background. But I noticed something I had not before. An early Plate, vs and Older plate? But not sure.

Cleaned up with her Aluminum head.

Andy C’s original B engine. Red?

Note the Chris Craft Logo in De bossed. no relief. Like my original. Same rough year.

From WECATCHEMS original W Note the red chris craft.

Cleaned up and ready?NOTE the Duplex Oil type on right. This is an early original Tag.

The old plate is all black and different than the newer plates which have a red CHRIS CRAFT. Is this correct?

No oil branding? Is this a new one? Old One? Details

And now an even more daunting question. Has anyone restored one of these? My guess is to paint and scrape the relief letters? Clear coat? Or leave just all brass. This is a similar problem with restoring Fire Extinguishers.  Hey its snowing outside, i have some time to try new stuff. And I havent seen an all black engine plate before, or maybe I have and just didnt notice.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You have a boat that is encased in fiberglass, then fermented in rat urine, and you are worried about the correct colors of the engine tag? 😀

    I think Tavares is too far away for you to make it. I suggest you head to Dulles and hop on the next flight to New Zealand. The kiwis will give you your summer boating fix and nurse you back to health in no time!

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    I did some research on this years ago. There seems to be no reasoning on the black vs red name. Most likely different suppliers that got the low bid to furnish them.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Call Staib. He can send you one of every kind ever made and you can select the one that you like best. He can take a break from shoveling snow!

  4. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I just bought a replacement from Jim Staib, stamped the letters/numbers on it and am happy with the look.

    Interesting possibility on the red versus black lettering: Rolls Royce’s lettering was originally red but changed to black after the death of Henry Royce in 1934. If the Chris Craft color did change in 1939, may have been attributed to Chris Smith’s death?

    There must be some prize in unearthing this factoid.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Maybe way back underneath everything else in Matt’s virtual deep freezer is a lone leftover package of virtual WoodyBoater Hotdogs he can use as a prize.

  5. Mark
    Mark says:

    I restored mine. I wanted to keep the original. I took it down to brass and then masked off areas and restored the red and black colors. I can email you some in process and final photos.

  6. Mark
    Mark says:

    Probably sideways but here goes ….
    So start with bare plate, mask brass (or silver) areas and spray with black paint. Remove masking and scuff black paint for antique look. Red letters are raised so use an ink roller or mask around them and spray red. Dun.

  7. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    years ago i was reading a story about this, and like above they sprayed the whole thing then rubbed it over a piece of glass to remove the paint on the raised areas.

    thats just what i think i remembered, time for a cocktail

  8. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    If your “H” actually came with an Aluminum head, it would have been stamped HA ?

    I have never seen a “B” engine with an Aluminum head ?

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