Since Your Gonna Win The Big Powerball Game, Some Suggestions From Our Sponsors!


1928 Robinson Seagull Commuter (Flying Cloud) originally built for Ransom E Olds (REO) later sold to Al Capone (documented) with 502 cubic inch Chevy engine-completely restored including modern bow thruster for easier handling $385,000.Click Here and go for it at St Lawrence Restoration in Clayton NY

Welcome to the over $100K club! That’s you Mr Got Rocks, you now can chuckle at our 10K wonders and move up a 0 to the big leagues. Our sponsors thought it might be a good idea to offer deals on the over 100K boats. Oh sure anyone can own a Riva for $500K. So get one, it’s the cost of entry. But if you really want to be seen as an expert of the best of the best. How bout a cool Shepherd? Or A Commuter that you use once? Or be a real collector and own the last Cobra ever built? Listed below are some doozy’s for you and your new 20 year old floozy to enjoy.

1955 Shepherd Commuter Convertible — $149,900 It  does not scream I got bucks, but dang, this is one sweet ride and you can pretend to be poor from time to time . Twin Chrysler motors.. DANG! At Antique Boat Center, Click Here.


The last Cobra 21 foot ever made at Katz’s marina “Finito” COBRA with an insane Cadillac motor.  I have ridden in this boat and it’s smooth and fun as all get out.. $325,000 Click Here and scroll down

33 Feet 1921 Robert Yandt Gentleman’s Racer $579,000 at Antique Boat America.
Greyhound was built in a little boathouse shop on beautiful Lake Courd’Alene Idaho in 1921. She roared around the lake with the Gentlemen of the era holding tightly to their straw hats. The original construction was of Oak frames with Cypress planking, which attests for her being with us today. The boat has been completely restored utilizing about 50% of her original frames and hullsides, then cold molding using West System processes and Courong marine plywood. The Rolls Royce Meteor 750 HP engine is carburated to run on regular fuel, and the craft is truely a daily user, not museum furniture. Sitting in the cockpit looking at Rolls Royce era guages, ers specific shift/throttle levers, one feels like he/she is ready for take-off.

1929 Chris Craft Commuter – $450,000 at Sierra Boat Co in Tahoe! 65 of these boats were built between 1929 and 1933. The majority were built in 1929. Once the depression hit, the production numbers were very low. This boat is a twin to the boat featured on this Website’s home page. Hull number 5043 is one of the most thoroughly restored examples around. It was featured in the May /June 1994 issue of Classic Boating Magazine. To my knowledge, it is the only running example with an original Chris Craft A120 V-8. This boat was extensively restored in the early 90’s. We installed a new bottom in 2004 and replaced the topsides in 2005. The boat has been restored to as close to original specifications as possible using the original Chris Craft blue prints as a guide. All the plumbing fixtures are as original and fully operational. The commuters are great overnight boats having full galley, head and sleeping for 3-4. They can also carry a large number of passengers for day use. The selling price is far below what it would cost to fully restore one of these boats.Click here and go visit Lake  Tahoe. You may end up buying a home there as well.

1932 Gar Wood – 28′ Triple Cockpit Runabout- Hornet at Freedom Boat Service.One of only 7 boats built in 1932. This is the best of the five in existence.I have no idea how much it is, but who cares, You are rich! Click here and say, I’ll take it, send it to my new home in Tahoe. Don’t even talk money, that’s a job for the “Littles” as in us!

There is also a complete section at Antique Boat America for boats OVER $100K. Dang, you can bury yourself in that one, even a fixer upper for  450K, OUCH, But whats money for?

29 Feet 1928 Gar Wood Torpedo Double Cockpit at Antique Boat America, be the first on your lake to own one! – The owner of this boat claims that it was made and built by GarWood for a Mr. Bartow and originally delivered to Lake of the Ozarks. Boat has been 99% restored and will be ready for any boat show by spring 2005. This is a very unique boat and very rare. This boat looks very similar to “Chloe” and has lines that remind you a Hacker design or Dee Wite. Boat has a double step bottom and has reported to run at speeds up to 70 MPH.  Click here and call your restorer pal. Oh don’t have a pal that restors boats yet.. Buy this and you will…



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  1. brian t
    brian t says:

    All of this lottery talk got me thinking. Has anyone proposed the idea of having a small monthly Woodyboater lotto? The idea is simple – say for instance I need a new trailer (which we do) but cannot pony up the $4k…. so everyone in WB world sends a buck or two to the Paypal WB LOTTO account and BINGO – I have a new trailer from Ryan Trailers. And then next month it might be for Paul H. to get a new transmission for his truck. And then the month after that could be for Alex to get a Century barn find…….

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    After buying one (or more) I’ll have to get some of those fancy enclosed trailers that can be backed down into the water. Having road dirt on them during transport just won’t do. I wonder if I can get a convertible Bentley with a tow package?

  3. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Rick I am with you I saw online the water ready enclosed boat trailer. I get a bunch of those and fill them with Lymans, starting with completing the 1956 to 1960 18′ outboard collection. I am going to have so much fun.
    Money Boats Money Boats Money Boats Boats Boats

  4. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    At last check I am going to get a half a Billion for wood boats so I’ll take all the Lymans and buy the commuter. Hey it’s only money.

  5. steve franchini
    steve franchini says:

    So you guys seem to lack creativity in the dreaming department today. If I won that Powerball I would oversee the building of my own Riva in Italy and then buy a house on Lake Como with an adequate boat house to store it. I might even buy a second one for Steve!!
    Diane (the more creative dreamer)

  6. frank Miklos
    frank Miklos says:

    I think I would build a bigger shop, on the water… stop taking customer jobs in … also I think I’d have a bigger warehouse built.. then I would hire a crew of very talented wood workers to work along side of us to work on our toys. Maybe we would get all projects done buy the time I die…

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