Sleepy Sausage Stuff

Sausage Pie, just the way Gammy used to make

I got up late and that was a huge mistake. I swear I am still asleep. I suppose its a form of Sleep walking. Hey, who knows, my spelling might actually be better. So today Monday Sausage with probably some very strange comments. I will come back later today and read them to see how out of it I am, was, gonna be?

Officially the most boring lake on the planet.

Looks like fun

The Flying saddle lodge,,,,,,, and a boat on a trailer?

What a great photo. I miss LIFE magazine

The Oshkosh Power Boat Club

Same place better post card

The photo that better post card was used from

A bad version of the painted post card.

One to many boat rides

Matchbook magic

Rough boat finish.

back to the Oshkosh boat club. They sure like them some postcards

Love all the chairs and cool stuff. Green canvas top.

Todays header was taken on a vintage Pentax Camera by Kelsey. Kids these days like texture and old images.

7 replies
  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    WOW, not a typo, maybe more of a dayo! What the hell? Really? Thats funny, Proof I am not all here. Or There, Now I have to leave it..

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    WOW! So many questions!!!

    Hate to admit it but I did not catch the Monday Tuesday thing.

    Is that really a pontoon boat on WoodyBoater?

    Is the Life Magazine pic on a plastic piece of Ship?

    Love the At Anchor pic, even though all the boats are died up to docks and not “At Anchor” at all.

    What in the world is this chic doing? Is she trying to teach the dog how to pee by lifting her leg? Is the dog holding a gun, or pointing a finger?

  3. Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong says:

    I live in Oshkosh and had been to the Oshkosh Power Boat Club many times for weddings, food, and drink. My first boss out of college(1987) was a long time President. I believe the structure you posted pictures of burned down in 1957. It was rebuilt and thrived up until 15 or so years ago. A doctor bought the property, razed the building and built a McMansion.

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