Slides That Tell A Classic Story.

Meet Bob, actually he likes to be called Mr Bob, he is a retired teacher from Connecticut. This is annual visit with “the boys” These are old pals from the war, and family, at the old Lake house. They are going for fun, and fixing stuff.

You know how much I love to make up captions for photos from shows sent in. Well, today on ebay we have a wonderful set of slides from the early 60’s. The slides, the people are well, also in the 60’s. Anyway, there is no story about these, and I love old slides because they are good color film from a time that people took bad color prints or BW. So you really get detail and a story…if you look hard enough… and have a wondering imagination. So here goes.

The old lake house is on an Island, so they have to motorboat out with a weeks worth of stuff. That’s Mr Bobs son, Edward, helping, with Mr Bobs buddy loading up “The Skiff”  That’s Edwards new fancy Inboard/outboard. Kids these days!

At the family house. That’s Mr Bobs best friend George, they have been pals since they were young lads, that’s Georges boat that lives in the boathouse. If you look closely on the boathouse, the name BIRCH LODGE has been there since the 1920’s when the family built it.

The Boys! Out on Festers boat. Fester lives at Birch Lodge all summer and Festers Boat has been faithful for decades. ” This boat is just fine, no need to go anywhere fast” Fester says that when the Boys start complaining. Note Edward is taking these photos with his new Kodac Camera.

After a full day of boating in Festers, Motor boat, the boys are ready to sit by a campfire, smoke a pipe and wake up to the smell of Scrapple and eggs, and a good cup of Joe!

Well, that’s all there is. Sadly Mr Bob never made it back to Birch Lodge, in a freak accident, Mr Bobs bow tie got caught up in a fan and well.. Mr Bob never really was seen again. Fester is still at the lodge today.. in an earn up in the rafters of the boat house. Mr Bobs son Edward, is a retired professor and is at Birch Lodge for the summers, and so the circle of life keeps going. At least that’s how I see it! If you want to buy these slides and make up your own story. SEE THEM HERE ON EBAY!!!!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If those guys are buds from the war, it would have been WWI, or maybe the Spanish American war for George.

    Are there any shows with a Miss America planned for this weekend?

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I hope George made out well when he sold that boat to Fester.

    Must be a Canadian thing, the fender on the pier side is up on the deck, but outside is down. You just never know when someone will come along that wants to Raft Up.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Actually I think Fester and George are twin brothers who own the boat together. Growing up they often dated the same girls not telling their date which one they were.

  3. John
    John says:

    Mr. Bob’s buddy on the dock, being the rascal of the group, is checking his bag for all vital provisions of a good time –
    Firecrackers – check
    Transistor Radio – check
    Fifth of Gin – check
    Playboy Magazine – check
    Whoopee Cushion – check
    Assorted women’s unmentionables – Shoot!! “I knew Phyllis would take those out!!!!”

    The Birch Lodge is Legendary, and for good reason

  4. Ronald Ford
    Ronald Ford says:

    Cool stuff today especially since that appears to be an early 22 Sea Skiff like the one I just parted with after 18 years or so. The only the only visible difference I see is the side cleats? that the rope goes through and wraps around the stud sticking up. I dont remember seeing that exact style before. Maybe the launch is an early 20’s Fay and Bowen. The listing says one of them is stamped 1962 that to me may be about right for that old outdrive. Enjoyed the fun story today lol

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Has anyone noticed the Chris Craft sedan in the background. You can barely see it. But its a classic shape all right

  6. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Thank you Matt, That is some serious Lapstrake Love. Looks like pre 1961 23′ on The River. Hope to go boating>

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