So What If You Could Go back In Time?

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Now you can , and have photo proof of it. It’s one thing to be out on your 1941 Chris Craft taking a break from all the crap out there. Cruising around with your best gal. But now with the help of photo shop, you can have proof of your time travels. It’s actually easier than you may think.

First. You need a real photo. Ones with folks in it are the best.Second. You need to have photos of you that closely match the angle of the orig faces.
Third. Just strip in the eyes and mouth and nose. Do some blending.
Forth. Frame and put on the wall, say nothing, someone will notice. If that doesn’t work, do a story of it on your website and tell folks how to do it…..Thats me in the drivers seat and two separate shots of my wife. Twins… Why stop the fantasy with just the boat?

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Dang Matt. You and the lovely wife are better lookin’ than the original trio. Your wife on the port side seems a little puzzled as to what you’re putting her through! What a good sport she is.

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