Some Global HQ Still Lifes And Some Questions.

Prime time in Woodyboaterville

Sometimes it can feel like I am working/playing/relaxing in an old painting. Which of course was the plan and it’s starting to really feel like it. I have said to many it’s not a man cave, but more of a painting I am in while painting it. A living work of art, and the boats that come and go are the stuff that makes it fun and different as is the cast of characters. Each person that enters the scene changes the vibe, and I LOVE THAT.

Just add music. This week its been BB KING and the Talking Heads.

A simple stuffy in lines

I can feel it

The space is a living work of art that never is the same from moment to moment, and thus perfect for little small moments captured as Still Lifes. But from time to time, working on boats becomes somewhat of a real thing.

Both the ring around the fuel cap and exhaust feel different. A very light brass, I wonder if these get chromed. I know the handles on the hatches are stainless, But these?

And this hole! Clearly for a latch, but have not seen one on any images of these. The whole was covered by the glass, and the stainless trim has a knotch in it for a handle.

No latch?


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  1. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    As many have said before, you have a wonderful place to play! Enjoy each moment, if possible.

  2. Greg on Indian Lake
    Greg on Indian Lake says:

    Check your hull card. An engine hatch lock was available. Does the other hatch have a provision(notch)?

  3. Greg on Indian Lake
    Greg on Indian Lake says:

    Re-thinking my previous comment. If was for a lock was not likely Factory installed as they typically were mounted at forward bulkhead on hatch with binding.

  4. Art
    Art says:

    Just call it Art and put a bung in it.

    Molly-O actually has a bung that size on the starboard covering board near the passenger front seat. I’ve often wondered what kind of Art it is.

  5. Art
    Art says:

    I have thought of a few other possibilities, a fishing pole holder hole, a stern light/WBHQflag hole, a hole that could/would be topped with a vent, or a wizzzz hole. Maybe its just the holy grail.

  6. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    The rings I believe were Nickle plated. But that’s only my two cents…. You might want to phone a friend or a ACBS judge.

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