Sometimes, The Boat Names It’s Self! Stinky Beats Mighty Mouse!


The Boatress never stopped calling her “Stinky”

A couple weeks ago we made the big announcement regarding the Barrel back barn find. Naming her Mighty Mouse. I did lettering and had her all ready to go. Despite the fact that she is called “Stinky” here at home. But we had kinda crushed the mouse smell, so it seemed like we should move on and Mighty Mouse was the perfect fun name. Well. Despite everything we do, one way or another she keeps letting us know her real name is “STINKY” Now it’s a fuel smell from small adjustment leaks and only having one shut off.


I think its fixed for now? Yes that’s a factory plate

We are installing a shut off  at the tank next week. But this weekend she just slammed us in the face with her real name. It’s like she was saying. HEY, idiot. I liked Stinky! I am Stinky and I am proud of my Stinkyness.


Here she is in her current state. The white is primer of a patch area


Here is a look and feel of what she will look like, Her sides painted plays to her racing history on Lake Jackson. It also covers up some rough areas.


Son, Ham and “Stinkermachine” out from LA this weekend on WECATCHEM. We needed some fresh air

To add to the slam dunk, Our sons girlfriend is called “Stinkermachine”on Instagram.
And well, there was a ton of Stinky love this weekend. So, sorry for the switcharoo on names, But I had little to do with it. She is Stinky, and we as a family are all here for her. Her aroma should not define, her, despite her name and well..smell issues. We will just have nose plugs at the shows. Maybe there will be a new ACBS category on most aromatic boat. And yes, I had to google aromatic! Is there a Rre war smell vs Post war smell?


How her transom will look if we don’t do the sides? We have finished 3 coats of the blue.


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Well just go back and edit past posts so she was always Stinky. Rewriting history is a tried and true method of covering up past mistakes. Now why is she Stinkermachine? Bean addiction?

  2. Joe Ruttger
    Joe Ruttger says:


    Strongly advise flare fittings for any fuel line application- compression fittings won’t cut it.

    -Joe Ruttger-

  3. Nate
    Nate says:

    I’m a little late to this conversation and maybe this was discussed earlier, but didn’t these boats come with a varnished transom?

  4. Garry
    Garry says:

    Fuel line copper from the tank to the pump? Because of vibration at the engine end and the tank solidly mounted the fuel line, presuming made in china, could be subject to embrittlement. Wouldn’t you be better off with rubber line?
    As the stories gofrom old timers a lot of these boats in their day caught fire. I always feel under the carbs and around the pump before going out.

    • John Hanks
      John Hanks says:

      I am paranoid by facts. I also check for drips/gas under the carbs too. I don’t want an explosion !

      To save my life AND my beloved wooden boat … I like this ritual.

  5. jim g
    jim g says:

    You can use compression fittings as long as they are D.O.T. rated. These have the long nuts for support of the copper line like the original fittings.

  6. Bill Whitney
    Bill Whitney says:

    How about “Stinkpot” for the name. You know, how sailboat
    folks refer to our boats as stinkpots? This one could be the
    mother of all stinkpots.

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I still like Mighty Mouse because it gives a hint of her time in the barn with the mice and one day in the future she will no longer be STINKY

  8. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    I always loved the name Stinky. It felt like a family nickname and now the family has spoken. It’s far more memorable too.
    Love the idea of painting the graphics on the sides Matt. Now getting really picky (but that’s what this is all about right?) the typeface for E16. It looks a little ….well sort of too new. To soft or something. I’ll just roll that one in under the door and watch the debate. Congratulations on realising Stinky was right all along. A whole new adventure coming together.

  9. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks Phil, the boat named itself. The E is E class which was a class before 1950’s but Charley says D class. Agree on the type

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    New type style and class. Here is a question, pre 1951 there were no numbers like this? Those were added to help people watching know what engine was in the boat? Is this right? By haveing a number she would have raced post 1950. She did, but she also raced before that?

  11. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Preferred Mighty Mouse, but Stinky works – if you can get that registration number ending in PU !

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