Sons Of Varnish Shirt On Ebay – It’s Like Some Sort Of Milestone? PASS IT ON!

On eBay toDay

I am in some sort of mental loop this morning. While doing my ebay scan for goodies, I saw a familiar face, Captain Varnish. Varnishing til and beyond the end. I have often wondered if our shirts have an after life? I guess today we shall see. My guess is it was the wrong size? I hope?

See? Confused? Me To

Don’t like unhappy customers. The good news is the Michigan Chapter made some money and so did the T shirt company. I did reach out to the Seller Feller to indicate the size of the T Shirt. BTW, the seller is not making any money on this. The Club  sold them for $25 at the show.

Yup, thats us. Right smack dab in the center.

After 15 years of Woody Boater this is a first for us here. And marks some sort of whacky milestone. We are now part of the recycle? Does Woody boater stuff stand up to the test of time? An after life? Will your grandkids find one of your shirts and think, thats funny I might wear that? Its not like Woody boater hasnt jumped the shark yet. Hell I do it every day. I am so tired of jumping sharks, I am looking at my own stuff reselling on ebay? At least we have Last Gasp Week to look forward too. Okay maybe not the happiest reference out there. But, hey, it is what it is and we are who we area.

Last years Gasp! Or was it the year before? Maybe it was?

Are you documenting your last gasp? Next week is the Gasp week.



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    What? No way!!! Could we have a counterfeiter taking advantage of that great design? Maybe you should advise the WoodyBoater legal staff. You have one, right?

  2. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    I have a black Woodyboater hoodie with this same design, but it has varnish, oil and bottom paint on it. Does that make it more or less valuable?

  3. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    Thanks Matt for the great coverage of this Algonac ’22 boat show collectible. And now for the rest of the story…

    While I attended the show in Algonac back in June, I wasn’t able to get a t-shirt before they were sold out. Popular to be sure – and what a great idea. However, I was fortunate enough to win an auction lot at the recent ACBS International Boat Show in Vermont in September – which included, among other things, this “Sons of Varnish” t-shirt.

    So, in the spirit of that auction – which benefitted the ACBS Scholarship Fund (and specifically, equipping the next generation of woody boaters with a boat building education) – the proceeds from this eBay auction will also be donated to the ACBS scholarship fund as well.

    And who knows, the winner of this auction may decide (rightly) to keep and wear the shirt OR they may decide to continue “pay it forward”, auction it off again, and create even more educational funding value for our next generation of Woody Boaters.

    So far, this shirt has gone from Virginia to Algonac t0 Vermont and now back to Michigan. Who knows where this shirt will end up next – and how much more value it could generate to help prepare and equip the next generation.

    And that’s what the vintage boat hobby is all about…

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    Love how this has turned into something good! I had no idea it was Jeff doing this, which makes it even cooler

  5. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I was going to say that if I could “Buy it Now” for $25 with free shipping I would buy it, but now that I know the back story I bid it up.

    Nice job Jeff! That story should be added to the listing, but who actually reads the listing anyway.

  6. Art
    Art says:

    Jeff that is awesome thanks for doing that.

    That gives me an idea maybe Woody boater could supply WBer T-shirts to each one of the new students……good advertising and I bet they would love them.

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Dang! Outbid. Will I bid again? Who knows, will have to see what snipe time brings.

    OK I have to ask. sdijr? Figured it was someone’s initials Jr., but it must be something like Sir Duke Incognito Jeff Rogers?!?
    I never knew Jeff was knighted.

  8. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    Yeah, Troy, I don’t bring up the knighthood thing very often. I’m sure you understand how it can be a bit pretentious… 😉

    As for my eBay handle, that’s a name I’d used way back when (late 1990s – when eBay first launched). It stood for the initials of the company for which I worked at the time – followed by my own initials. Have now idea now why I’d used it then, but have never changed it since.

  9. Jim g
    Jim g says:

    It should be mentioned in the ebay description that the sale amount is going to the ACBS scholarship fund.

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