Sons Of Varnish T Shirt Is Killing It! Okay, Maybe You Are, And The Shirt Is Merely A Vessel?


You go Captain Skull!

What the heck? Bidding on the Algonac Sons T Shirt is turning into a real thing. Over $200 and going with over 45ish Bids. Now, okay, the headline may be a bit of a click bait deal, and the amount is a reflection of donations, not really the shirt. But hey, its the internet and gotta play dirty. Hey? I could have written something like, Old Boat T Shirt… wait, no the click bait line I used is better.

We made? Oh I dont know, the T shirt ladies that sell it were nervous they wouldn’t sell? HA, gone in about two hrs

Anyway what in the heck is going on here? Well, Scott Rogers got this T shirt at the Algonac show. they sold out fast, and well, he put it up for auction TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE ACBS SCHOLARSHIP FUND. For the record the Sons T Shirts were designed for this very thing. To help the local chapters raise money. We make them, and give the chapter the t’s at cost, localized. The Chapter sells them and keeps the profit. Average profit is over $1,000 – $2,000 depending on the amount of T’s. Not a bad little fun Win win for everyone.


But Scott has taken it to another level, and this ebay auction is an amazing idea and continues the legacy of the project. We can keep this going, and in a fun way, you can bid and you may be luck enough to not win.. But feel like you did. So go for it, Bid away.. up and up and up some more.  The Scholarship program is amazing and does make a huge difference in out little universe. ALL HAIL TRHE SONS OF VARNISH! T Shirts…

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  1. Bobby Boat
    Bobby Boat says:


    You should make a limited edition of the same shirt
    of 100 , printing limited edition on each, also having a certificate of authenticity signed by you.
    Any questions, I can help.

  2. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Might also want to ad to the listing if it hits 500.00 that pays for one scholarship.

    I hope it at least hits 500.00

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Either you are not really awake this morning, or I missed a lot of detail in this shirts travels?

    I thought it was Jeff Rogers. Who is Scott Rogers? I don’t think I have met him.

    I also thought he acquired the T in a bulk auction at the International show in Burlington that already benefited the scholarship fund. So this auction will be a double wammy for the fund.

    Bid High, Bid Often!

  4. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    I can’t quite afford a $500 T-shirt but I thank Jeff Rogers for kicking off this scholarship campaign with or without the knowledge of how far this would go. I will make a check out to ACBS scholarship fund in Jeff Rogers’ name to recognize his “marketing”. I can’t think of a more worthwhile beneficiary to our hobby them to reward students who make a choice to get into this profession. These professionals are sorely needed, and it’s the least we can do when our tax money is reducing college debt without taking into consideration need for those who may have selected some esoteric major.

  5. Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers says:

    How great is this?! Knowing the vintage boat hobby as we all do, we shouldn’t be surprised by such a generous response – but we all still are when it happens. Kudos to all the generosity being exhibited here.

    BTW Troy, I’ve often used the alias “Scott Rogers” – just because going the whole knighthood route with by my official “Sir Jeffrey Rogers” title, etc., gets a bit much sometimes – so I like to keep a low profile… 😉

    As to the origin of the shirt, you are correct. Someone brought it to the ACBS international boat show in VT in September – where I bought it at their annual fundraising auction (which raised money for the scholarship fund). So yes, the proceeds of this eBay auction now will be a double-whammy for the fund (and for students). Who’d have guessed helping the next generation could be so much fun.

    And while the winning bidder of this auction certainly will have earned the right to wear his/her shirt to their heart’s content, display it in their boat shop, or whatever they choose to do with it – here’s another idea.

    What if this shirt takes on a life of its own – being auctioned off on a regular basis for the next 11 months. Why 11 months? Because the final “auction-to-end-all-auctions” (for this t-shirt) could take place next September at the 2023 ACBS international boat show in Bay Harbor (MI) – at their annual scholarship fundraising auction. By that point, the shirt and the story will have then come full circle – one year later – to the very event from which this all started. And on the way there, it could have been auctioned (and re-auctioned) countless times throughout the remainder of 2022 and for the first nine months of 2023 – in the process, raising who knows how much $$ for students in the boat building profession. Again, that’s up to the successful bidder in a few days, but that’d make for quite a story – and long-term impact.

    So Matt, while you created a phenomenal Algonac Woody Boater keepsake in its’ own right, just think what you may have started here. All with a $25 t-shirt and a weekend spent “where it all began.” Well done.

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