Sorry, More Disposable Bay St Louis Pictures

Mr B, and Miss B..oatress

I am hoping today is the day we switch over. And maybe just maybe I can refocus on some boat stuff. But I am on a real life get away, and I suppose in a strange way, getting away from it all. The secret to doing this for so long is to follow my real adventures. And surprise, not everything is about boating. GAAAAAAAAAAA. Especially when you know that maybe the story wont last long.

Nuth’n but beach to run full throttle

We do have some whoppers in the que BTW. Kent O. Smith has a pile of Holiday goodies waiting, and I have a local bay St Louis Garage GarWood. Oh ya, gonna knock on a door about this one. STAY TUNED.

But in the meantime. You get more Mr B Photos. Yes I photograph more than just boats.

He loves the water now

And pouncing on The Boatress


He went Island hopping. Perfect poochy water to play in

Getting tired Mr B?


Okay now maybe a little tired

He still has a little bit left



I AM B, Mr B!