Sorry, More Old Tools. Hey! Quit Your Bitch’n.

Art from Montgomery Wards

Oh I know what you are saying with your inside voice. UGH. Tools, old tools. This site is about old BOATS, not tools. Ya. Well. Life is more than old wood boats. There is the tools for old wood boats, the ads, the babes, the hardware, the varnish, the people that love them, and tools. YA YA, okay none of these tools are for old boats.

UGH, SEARS YOU BLEW IT. You were Amazon and Home Depot all rolled into one.

But I am making room for old boats, and these tools are being un earthed from boxes and old drawers not opened in decades. So in a sense, they are little boats being found in barns. Thats a metaphor.

Why was this saved over the years? I guess now it will be saved for another 20.

My days are dotted with 1 hr Zoom meetings, an hr, then off for 30 minutes and another. If I am lucky, and they don’t all just mash together. So having something to do for 30 minutes is a great distraction. So I play with my old tools. AHHH come on. I get one tool joke here.

My fathers hammer. I think this is from Germany and part of his mountain climbing stuff.

The Boatress’s fathers tools.

Love the cord. It will kill me, but love it

More and more, including a Machete, saws.. Strange open ended wrenches, files, clamps.

And some RUFF-STUFF Display.

One cleaned, another to go. Who thought Sanders would be art? I was literally wet sanding the sander?

Okay, okay, okay I promise today is the end of my old tool crap.

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  1. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    Recalling years ago experiences with ‘Strange open ended wrenches’ that were wrapped in a canvas pouch along with a somewhat rounded end wooden handled screwdriver that would slip off when under pressure – – “knuckle buster wrenches” – – The flap over roll up canvas pouch was handy – –

    • Russ
      Russ says:

      Found “some strange open ended wrenches” in a faux leather pouch…1/2″ filed out to 17/32″ to fit Whitworth (probably English motorcycle repairs).

  2. Syd
    Syd says:

    Lord knows how old it is and I have been using it almost daily for the past 20+ years and it has a rare site nowadays on it USA

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    The tools have the potential to last forever but if you come across a hoard of sandpaper right now that’s gold. Unbelievable but because of the pandemic there is a shortage around here. And that does concern our boats. As a side also a shortage of mason jars. Don’t know f everyone is canning or making moonshine.

  4. Ken Mac
    Ken Mac says:

    Some time ago a friend found a 14 ft Mullins in the dump , he would retrieve it for me if I gave give him an antique wooden handled wrench which my Dad gave me. When I brought my prized possession home ,my Dad said “the guy with the wrench got the best deal”

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    30 years ago I paid $1400 for a used INCA cabinet makers table saw mounted to a cherry wood stand. It had cast aluminum surfaces that would never rust and a 20 mm arbor and a raft of other features like a mortising table driven off the side of the motor, etc. It cuts the most perfect cuts you can imagine still. I hope my son can appreciate it when I’m gone. The wifes bitching finally subsided after purchase about 3 months later. In the meantime, here’s a meme on Harbor Freight.

  6. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    No complaints here, about these writings on old tools & the precious history and beautiful art they preserve. But we need to be sure to train the next generations in their use.

    Our then 28 yo son went with us, to see the tools my dad’s then 82 yo friend, was selling from his engine shop. A wonderful smile appeared on the older man’s face, when our son said he wished to buy the vintage Craftsman drillpress. The smile grew, as the younger man told of having already purchased & begun using a vintage, manual Bridgeport.

    By contrast, my brother & his wife hosted a meeting of their son’s scout troop several years ago. My brother works in construction & wanted to assist these scouts in earning home repair & improvement badges. He was aghast at the number of these 10-12 yo kids, who’d never before even held a hammer!

      • Doesn’t Matter
        Doesn’t Matter says:

        …because parents demand that the public schools offer college prep courses and nothing to do with those lowly trade courses… that we can have a nation of kids who possess a $100,000 piece of paper that allows them to be a barista at Starbucks and live in Mum and Dads basement.

        And because said Mum and Dad would rather have a $50k pick up truck in the suburban driveway and low taxes, the schools can only afford to be a one trick pony.

        Yea yea I know. It’s all the school’s fault for blowing the money because it is easier to blame someone else than to take the honorable route with everyone on the food chain taking their deserved portion of blame for the disaster.

        We are a nation of two year old finger pointers. Ya want kids to know what a damn hammer is, then put down the asinine smart phone with 5000 worthless apps, and either teach a kid yourself, or open your wallet and pay someone who will.

        Soapbox drop.

  7. BT
    BT says:

    Let me know when you get to personal hygiene. I own a few beauties including a new, metal with wood handle hair dryer. For marine use, it does blow hot enough to be a paint remover or shrink wrap tool.

    • Jerome
      Jerome says:

      No bitch’n here. Loved your story about old tools. Never gave them much thought. Going out to the workshop to gather up all my grandfathers tools!

  8. Duster
    Duster says:

    Interesting story today. I’ve always liked old tools. Like Matt I work in the advertising and design business and a month or so back we did a photo shoot in a 100 year old engineering works. This place had some amazing ancient tools ranging from massive steel lathes to tiny spanners. Despite decades of Oil, dust and hard earned grime beauty shone through. I could have spent days poking around in there.

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