Spending Timelessness At The Global HQ Office

Since installing the new AC heat window unit, the Office at the Railway has become my spiritual oases. With the music going, a warm space, Mr B, it just amazing how fast time disappears. Like a boat ride, its a joy to try and fine tune it all. So, again, you are subjected to images from that time and some small details that have been added.

The door sign. DONE, with a border and Schlacking

The area above the doors, Done. All these boards are from the wood stacks, its all Cedar, split on the vintage Band saw. It gives it a texture, and allows me to practice.


A warm sanctuary from “it all”

Like it should be.

Mr B is suspicious of something. Oh and his tie, he is at the office, and he is Mr B… Just sayn.

It all just works. The Skipjack, the wood, it all is crazy

IN BW like its always been like this

This fish was caught in Alcapulco by the Boatress, years ago. It a fiberglass thing, its been in Boulder at the kids apartment, and back here, so the little fins and such have not aged well, and thats just perfect for me.

Todays project. Corbels for a shelf I am making

These are from a building here in Reedville. They were with the Standing Desk. So yes, local history being repurposed.

I have stripped them and they are just textured enough to fit right in and look like they have always been here.

And Mr B, as loyal as ever, Always willing to help….Unlike “others” who decided Costa Rica would be more fun.. Just Sayn! Whats that saying. Fair weather…….

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    MR B’s tie can be found in all parts of the Railway and then is clipped back on, He isnt really all that crazy about the dress code at THE OFFICE, which is his que we are headed there. The Boatress likes him in his tie, And the groomer gave it to him,

  2. Wayne Bomb
    Wayne Bomb says:

    Damn skippy we have the interweb here in Costa Rica! Thank you Mr. Gore. Just like the Boatress we have caught our share of sailfish, marlin, and dorado this past week. Oh yeah, need to mention several beautiful beach days along the warm Pacific Ocean. Still got another week to explore and see new sights. Aaaah! Temperatures here in the low eighties. Saw Reedville in the upper twenties. Please transfer my WB subscription to this locale. Come on down Troy and Sandi. Tequila and rum will help you get back to normal in no time.

    • Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
      Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

      Tequila and Rum will get anyone back to normal. If it doesn’t you really don’t care. Especially in the warm winter sun.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Oh Wayne, that sounds good. We will share some of that in Dora!!!

      Matt: I hope you are wearing a mask while scraping that old lead paint.

  3. Ron and Seattle
    Ron and Seattle says:

    Thanks for my visit to THE OFFICE. Being retired, I try to get there once a week so I will check that off the to do list for this week. I haven’t seen any neon signs?
    Check your email!

  4. KevinGuzzi
    KevinGuzzi says:

    Good stuff! Stumbled across this site and keep coming back. I’m an old house carpenter and had an old lapstrake runabout so all your posts are really enjoyable. Thanks man!

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