Splash Mob! – A Dog Day Morning, Afternoon, and Evening In Woodyboaterville.


Morning in Reedville! Oh! Flat water and sunshine! phot0 Scott Sawyer

Yesterday for some odd reason, the gods were all lined up and we decided to go out on a perfect puffy cloud flat water day.  I hopped into WECATHEM to run to Jimmys across the Wicomico River. Photos Enlarge – Just Right Click

The lifts now are loaded with American history

Headed out in the morning sun- No lights will be needed today – photo Scott Sawyer

Headed back to Reedville – photo Scott Sawyer

Lynn and jimmy having fun in YANNON early in the morning! Wake up neighbors! – photo Scott Sawyer

YANNON is amazing – photo Scott Sawyer

Crossing together. I have no idea why the Sportsman looks so huge? – photo Scott Sawyer

One issue. Scarlet. Where does she ride? STINKY! What the hell? Actually it’s perfect, whats a little wet dog smell in there anyway. Its not like the finish will be shot. All of a sudden, Stinky’s crappy finish is even more perfect.

Scarlet and Stinky! Like Peas and Carrots. Rotten Peas and Carrots

Now as we set out for a run with WECATCHEM and YANNON. Stinky was getting fuel. My long time pal and fellow Artist and the very first Woody Boater Scott Sawyer was here with his camera. Scott is a professional Photographer and magic just happened. Bad light, middle of the day fun.

Catching up with Stinky – photo Scott Sawyer

She is having a blast – photo Scott Sawyer

I wonder if Clif is around? Lets text him! – photo Scott Sawyer

Scarlet and Stinky are ready for some fun

Then it happened. Clif came around the corner. Great minds think alike. A spontanious classic boat parade, and we were able to capture it all from WECATCHEM.

Here comes Clif!

Lets go! – – photo Scott Sawyer

Go Scarlet! Photo Scott Sawyer

The Full scene. No photoshop. It is what it, is!

This is more fun than chasing a tennis ball. Kinda!

Then things starting lining up!

Passing a wonderful Plantation on the Great Wicomico River — photo Scott Sawyer

We are having a ton of fun and running the boats the way they should be! – – photo Scott Sawyer

Perfection – Until someone breaks down! – photo Scott Sawyer

Stinky spins off for a fun Solo ride

Then back to the Formation. Headed to the Sand bar!

Hanging out in a foot of water – – photo Scott Sawyer

It is the Sand bar after all! – photo Scott Sawyer

Scarlet freshens up after a tough ride. Maybe she is trying to get the Stink off? – photo Scott Sawyer

Hanging around with pals is what life is all about – photo Scott Sawyer

Got her Freedom Boat Service Ladder and LOVING IT. Towel to protect her new Katzs Finish – photo Scott Sawyer

One for you? – photo Scott Sawyer

Hanging out. The Sons Of Varnish Virginia – photo Scott Sawyer

Ok, Wave! Everyone wave ! – photo Scott Sawyer

Patrick hanging out breathing in and out! – photo Scott Sawyer

Jimmy and Lynn wearing last years stuff, even the years before, and a new Varnish Lovers hat, now available in the Stuff store – photo Scott Sawyer

OK lets head back to the dock! – photo Scott Sawyer

Headed Back! Scott Sawyer Photo

Scarlet still having a blast – photo Scott Sawyer

Under the bridge – photo Scott Sawyer

All tucked away on there lifts. Thanks Scott, Clif, jimmy, Lynn, Patrick and of course Miss Scarlet

These spontaneous classic boat gatherings are the most fun of all WoodyBoating and we are currently about to launch an amazing tool that will allow that to happen all over.  STAY TUNED.

A HUGE shout out to WoodyBoater#1 Scott Sawyer. Here is his website!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Did poor Scarlet and Patrick pulled the short straws? You guys didn’t even rotate boats to give them relief!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Now that is the lifestyle we all love. Much more fun that judging! BTW, I think Scarlet and Mo should get together for a boat ride some day.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    We had a nice gathering on Cobbossee yesterday also. 4 boats, no dogs, my phone was about to die, and I did not bring a real camera, but here is a shot from Larry Jamieson earlier in the morning.

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Great to see my Virginia friends out and about and Going Boating! I had the maiden voyage of the Tavares ’61 Whirlwind yesterday too! No period power…just power period….brand new Tohatsu 4 stroke short shaft 50 hp….sweet! Will bring her to Reedville for the Sept. show!

    John in Va.

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Just back from Chris Craft dealer meet…Lotta new Chris Crafts running on Sarasota Bay…Fun weekend of boating on some beautiful boats. Looks like we all had a fun weekend.

    • Mike K
      Mike K says:

      you know matt’s dieting, you can see it in his face. he does look a little thinner, im sure it wont be long before he breaks out the speedo!

      how bout an update on the diet since its working, i could afford to lose a few.

  6. steve in the woods
    steve in the woods says:

    Thin may be in, But fat is where its at! Bout 2 months ago, had to load old dog in Thompson; younger female thought sh was going to be left and jumped on deck, then over windshield…baby daughter was upset bout mud everywhere. Said in ‘ 60 dogs jumped on decks. They love it too. Great pics!

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