Steve Lapkin Found Some Leftovers!


Grab your coffee varnish, and sit a spell. Steve whipped us up a good feast

Well, looks like we have a new category, LEFTOVERS. I love leftovers. mmmm a nice meatloaf sandwich, or Turkey sandwich, or cold pizza.. maybe some nice Chinese food. Can you already tell i am back on my diet? I am licking the screen right now for any flavor.  Okay, sorry,

Well today we have some wonderful left overs from the big shoot out on Alex bay from Steve Lapkin. What a nice treat. Ugh, crap, just spilled some Moo Goo Gai Pan all over the keyboardsssssssss, dam sssssssss is stuck. sssssorrry.


WAVES! Oh Chris you can do better than that!

LOVE THIS SHOT! Like warm bacon next to a huge pile of flap jacks with melted butter dribbling all over the plate. UGH

ZIP! ZIP! You rule

This is what it’s all about.

Love the bow paint detail.

Bjorn brought his wonderful Barrel Back – Bjorn is one of the original woody boaters from over 12 years ago. YIKES! it’s really been that long? Dang!

maybe if I pee off the back no one will notice?

Go Chris and Julie, you guys rock!

Trifecta! perfecta!

The Bridge to someplace

Good god, did he really lick the screen? GAAAAAA.

Splashy Mcsplashy pants.

I dont understand what that sunburn is on my hat? Dang, like a little red square? Honey do you see this?

NOT Funny. He must be on a diet as well. Maybe a wonderful Chimichanga will make it better? mmmm with melted cheese and lots of sauce. Oh ya some sour cream. WHAT? No one see’s that?


Sure Matt, Sure! Whatever, I am going now.

Maybe those flapjacks were a tad to heavy?

The true joy of Woody Boating – Happy families.

SULTANA – Love his music. What? Black Magic Woman? Wait? Maybe I have this wrong? Maybe its Tash Sultana the Australian guy? Now I am so confused? It’s a blood sugar thing

Gar Wood perfection


Okay, someone had their Wheaties!

See! Black Magic Woman? No?

Love this boat and her Green Deck

YNOT use of some more fuel! HELL YA


Puppies! Ya? Me Too? SQUIRREL!

What the? like a confusing garnish with out varnish?

YIKES! Watch that edge!

And we end the Left over feast with ZIP! Who started it all!

A huge thanks to Steve Lapkin for looking in the fridge and finding us some great shots to finish out the weekend.


BRANT LAKE — Joseph D. Turcotte, 38, died unexpectedly Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019. Visiting hours will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, at Barton-McDermott Funeral Home, Inc., 9 Pine St., Chestertown. Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, at St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church Chestertown. OBIT will be published Tuesday! HERE is the note from the POST STAR

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  1. Shep on Lake Shafer
    Shep on Lake Shafer says:

    Matt, you missed a great show! Beautiful weather and awesome scenery! Bolt castle & boat house were amazing also!
    We were able to take Mom’s Mink out to both places dock and tour them both.
    I am also sad to hear the news of Joe Turcott!
    I had just talked to him on Saturday at the awards dinner. We had a great visit.
    I also have toured their shop in NY. When I was on Lake George in 2017.
    He will be missed!
    FYI bringing Mom’s Mink to Mt. Dora in March! Hope to see you there.

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