Summer Sausage Babe Day

Ya. Another Sausage Day. Hey, go to facebook if you want show shots. We are waiting for Kent O to curate his gold of Clayton

Hey! At least its not more YART Sale stuff. Oh I do have more, but I even have a line. Anyway today to fill in the gap, I have been hoarding some sausage shots. So today I have “Curated” the babe ones.

Smile, lift your arm, smile. yes I know you are going deaf.. I SAID RAISE YOUR ARM..

Just make sure that hanging engine doesnt kill you

You dont mind if I smoke do you? Like in your ear?

The Carlsons Brothers where never really good at first dates.

A fun date in California – I love this shot. There is a genuineness to it. A happy couple. Although there is a side of me that says they are young actors paid to pose or get some publicity. 

Point your toes.. POINT! Now sit on the Larson Logo. PERFECT! CLICK

Classic Boat babe

I can see Russia from here

Did the kid run along? Mommy! MOMMY! stop riding so fast..


Pretend that engine is your boyfriend. THE ENGINE! That big metal thing next to you. The one that smells like gas. JUST LIKE YOUR BOYFRIEND!

Babe of the Century

All went well til Phoebe put her heel through the canoe.

Officially the WORST DATE EVER.

9 replies
    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      At this point she is probably a GGILTGBW!

      And that satisfied look on the woman in the Winston add does not look like it came from landing a swordfish!

  1. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    Looks more like GMILTGBW, you know grandmothers. Phyllis looks ready to boat with stockings rolled down. But this more like it.

  2. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The Larson girl was channeling her best Doris Day and the girl in the first picture (obviously) could only find the bikini she got when she was 14.. 😉

    • Lee Wangstad
      Lee Wangstad says:

      Hi Dick, Possibly the bikini she had before she got her implants. Here’s my kind of boat babes….vintage style.

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