Summer Sunsets

Slow ride in heaven

With the heat being rather brutal, I have found that a simple slow sunset cruise is a very magical event. This is that time of year when the wind dies down, and the skies are full of color and warmth. So today, I will just let the photos of Sunsets set the tone. No copy, no funny comments, no nothing. Wait, I am still writing. Sorry. Shhhhhhh! Just close your eyes and hear the rumble of the engine. With all the valves working. Shhhhhh, Rumble rumble, rumble.. Wait, open your dam eyes, you’re about to hit a dam crab pot. Okay rumble rumble rumble…..





Glug glug glug


All is well

OH! NO! No, I no.. TROY! No he dint!

Back to inner piece

rumble rumble…shhhhhh

And the very best part of sunsets is that the next day! Sunrise.


Galveston Bay! A new day!

Get out there! Calm Morning run!

Lets go fishing

We hope you have enjoyed this slow calm start of your week!

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