Syd’s Racy Little Black Book.

Thanks C.C Skinner and the Col.. Like a game of Clue? 

Thanks to longtime Fellow Woody Boater for more from his text message museum. Syd Marsden, found this very cool little black book at a yard sale of all places. A yard sale! Can you imagine finding this? I suppose so since at yard sales you can also find an old 8 track tape of ABBA signing FERNANDO! Oh ya.. Hit it.

Sorry Mr Skinner, I know. In a bazillion years did you think your little black book would be tied together with ABBA and be seen all over the planet.

The cover

CHICK! Before chick was not allowed to be said without a law suit


Before the Bermuda triangle drama

Hat and all

Ripping through the book

Well where is everyone going?

Make up your mind

OH WAIT ONE SECOND! Old original photo of SNAIL.. BEST name design ever!

Oh ya, if you stick your ear to the screen you can actually hear her roar! Or its last nights 3 bean salad!

And compliments back to you C.C. and SM for your Text Message Museum

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  1. Syd Marsden
    Syd Marsden says:

    Great choice on video. Takes me back to the early days of the Clayton show. As the show was winding down for the day someone off one of the cruisers would come out with a guitar and a group of people would end up getting together and sit around and sing songs

  2. MikeyB
    MikeyB says:

    Snail is the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, and to me the one you labeled “ripping through the book” looks like Comet, a Stanley boat, which is also in the Museum.

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