Syd’s Text Message Museum – 1916 Koban Outboard

KOBAN Outboard sculpture?

A huge thanks to Syd and his curated Text Message Museum. It’s quite amazing, An entire museum of boat parts and now art in the palm of your hand. And sent to you at all sorts of odd times. And we get to share it on a bigger screen, or your phone.. And yes we know all about the crAPP and email mess. Working on an entire new home, and so just shut your yapper and enjoy Syds collection of stuff. Art stuff now.. Here is Syd announcing todays piece of art. Not to be confused by another piece of Art. That got flushed down the toilet about an hr ago. Too much?

A study in machined metal and patina

Just picked up a motor last night but it needs major help and parts. I believe that it is a 1916 Koban

Is perfection Imperfection? Is Cindy Crawfords mole perfection? Yes BTW

For starters the flywheel is cracked and a transom pad is missing and there was a car coil mounted on it so who knows what I will find under the flywheel. I thought that you might feel a story. I will go down and get a full shot picture for you Those 4 screws on the flywheel are someone’s attempt to keep the flywheel from cracking anymore

Not sure what that is, but its cool

Backing it up to the Tidy Cat display

Details of that tail

There ya have it, please exit the way you came in, and stay tuned for more from SYD’S TEXT MESSAGE MUSEUM, and next week we GASP!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Very Cool!!

    The early 20th century stuff is so cool because they were trying to figure out how to make this petroleum product work.

    I have a friend with a 1904 car that has bolts for cooling fins.

  2. tom
    tom says:

    So when the motor was mounted to the transom, it was stationary, along with the prop pointed straight ahead, and steered with a rudder? Do I have that right? And as far as art in the toilet, every one is different much like snowflakes.

  3. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    This one is incredibly interesting to peruse! Bill, yours is incredible as well! So cool to see them both.

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