Syds Text Message Museum Bags A Cool Johnson.

Love an old Johnson!

Okay, here ya go all you unsubscribes!  Syds Marsden’s Text Message Museum has produced one hell of a cool bag. Not sure how Syd finds this stuff, but he does and then he puts it into his little museum and we get to see it. The museum that fits in your hand! So what is it? Its a bag! A Magic bag!

A 1926 Johnson J 1.5  with original factory bag to keep it protected when driving in your car. COOL! And to all you that unsubscribed. SUCKERS! You won’t see this anyplace else. We here are now Bag Enlightened. And you my old friend, are lost in an ocean of bag ignorance!

Note the zipper on the left. Oh ya!

Johnson Bag? Condom? Hey, you were going there. I am just calling it out! PERVS

OH YA! That label is pure textural gold! And the zipper detail is PERFECT!

For the record it’s NOT a condom, unless your condom needs a zipper, and if it does. We are all impressed, and OUCH! EEEESHHHH, this so went to a dark place. You know what? You may want to unsubscribe after all!

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Bags, condums, Johnson’s . I’ll let someone else comment on this picture 😛

  2. DavidK
    DavidK says:

    Cool find! I’m so glad I didn’t quit this site. Here’s a Martin outboard bag to add to this stimulating discussion.

  3. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Sid’s dad was the go to guy working on all things marine in the Finger lakes and collector. He has a barn full of old marine stuff. we were lucky enough to get the grand tour of while there for the show. His daughters are always helping out at the docks during the show and found out that Katlyn ( owner of the Pink boat you did a story on) was attending Liberty U which is located in our city. If you remember we all ate dinner a few years ago at Clayton during the show. We did not get to take you out on the Shepherd due to high wind

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