T-Shirt Sale -%50 Off Old Stuff, And Introducing Special New Stuff.


12 Bucks – While Supplies Last

We are cleaning out the 2017 T-shirts at %50 off, that’s right, you can now give the gift of a Woody Boater T-shirt and have some money left over for that Water Pump you really want.

Cups $10 bucks. These are amazing cups!

Varnish Lover %50 OFF – $12

Or another T shirt. AND, we are making two special 10th anniversary T Shirts by popular demand. The original Sons Of Varnish T in White and Black, our number one shirt ever, and Speed Boat Outlaws shirt.

NEW Special anniversary Outlaw Shirt – $25

Since the ACBS “thing” now these two T shirts take on a new special meaning. When you wear one, you are showing your support for having fun in the community. So show your colors, and join the gang!

10th Anniversary Sons Of Varnish T Shirts in White and Black


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  1. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    Spent all my Christmas money here yesterday, buying that neat blue varnish lover shirts for me and my three sons…

    • Shep22
      Shep22 says:

      Talking about that ACBS ‘thing’ — checked out their website yesterday and nothing has changed in daaayss–very original!

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Thanks Matt….I know you like Mr. Katz and he apparently does good work but Mr. Katz has let me know more that once he doesn’t like me….not sure what I did…and so it is hard to spend money with someone like that. On the other hand it looks like he is the only game in town.

        • Wilson
          Wilson says:

          Not sure. Went into his tent at Tavares once to look at a Cobra and he virtually ran me off. Went back another year and he just ignored me that time…So it was pretty clear he didn’t care for me. Like I say, I don’t know what I did.

    • Alan @ Action Screen Print
      Alan @ Action Screen Print says:

      Terry sorry about that, I’ll get that fixed tomorrow. We do shop to Canada, not sure why you’re getting that message

    • Alan from Action Screen print, Inc
      Alan from Action Screen print, Inc says:

      The international Shipping should be fixed, if anyone has an issue checking out when shipping international please contact me directly at sales@actionscreen.com and I will be glad to help you.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Yes, they ship to a LOT of different countries. Even North Korea is listed. I think I might send Rocket Man a Speed Boat Outlaws shirt for Christmas.

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