Tara Turns One – Another B Day As Woody Boater Goes To The Dogs.


Tara and Mr B Eating grass so he can throw up later. UGH

Ya Ya.. quit your bitch’n. More dog stuff. And yes, Bitch’n is not a curse word today. Its the other meaning. So get over that as well.  If you haven’t met Tara, she is Mr B’s Bitch. Wow, that seems a little harsh. But it is what it is. Mr B is Tara’s Bro, Buddy, Beast. Jimmy got Tara a week after Mr B graced our yard with his gifts. And so they have been like brother and sister since then. Tara is an English Golden, and LOOOOOOOOOOOVE’S to swim. Which drives Jimmy crazy since she is always wet.

Tara and Mr B a year ish ago , same field.

24/7/since 2020

about 6 months ago. Something was very funny

Hanging out at the railway

Mr B and Tara. Pea’s and Karrots

Mr B, and Tara can play for 10 hrs without stopping. It’s insane and exhausting to watch, but they are so happy together it’s all worth it. Nothing on the planet earth is as joyful as knowing these two are in heaven running, jumping and trying to kill each other.

Go Tara Go

Running and playing

Mr B runs circles around her. Thank god, when she catches him, she sits on him..


The field they are in is on the water, and they just run and run and fall and run. And the best part of it all is when Mr B comes home… He sleeps like a log!

Lets go!

Tara! Happy B day!

STAY TUNED for Boat pictures from some gasping this week.

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  1. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Here’s Hank, one of Howe Marine’s boat dogs, waiting patiently for his end of season ride up north!

  2. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    just last night I was painting an old door that bears the scratch marks of one of our long ago Setters letting us know it was time to go out. A special memory…like today’s pic will years from now! Thanks,

    John in Va.

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