Tee Nee Trailer Brochures. Is That Roy Rogers I See? Guy Lombardo? Otto Grahm… Mr. Football?

Ya know these days a trailer is a trailer. What sort of metal is it made from or what color is it. But in the day, were everything was fair game in the marketing world, Tee Nee trailers took a good long hard shot at selling there trailers through strong consumer marketing, using celebrity endorsements to help the cause. Can you imagine today using Alan Jackson to sell a boat trailer? OK wait, the Antique boat museum did use him to help sell some boats for the museum… mmmm OK but he did not sell a trailer.. mmmmm wait, when they sold his U22 that needed a ton of work at the Clayton show, they said the trailer was worth the price alone…. So OK we are still doing it. Way to go Alan.. you and Roy Rogers know have more in common…..If you want to buy any of these Tee Nee brochures… you guessed it, they are on ebay. Just click on the image and it will take you to the auction….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have a Tee Nee trailer for my '56 Glasspar Club Lido that's almost as cute as the boat. Being an old Roy Rogers fan I may feel obligated to bid in that one. When I haul it around more folks comment on the trailer than on the boat.


  2. John Wilson
    John Wilson says:

    I have a 1980 Tee Nee Trailer Model 514-S – serial number 5140094 and I need to know the specfications of this trailer – what it will hold and the weight of the trailer. Can you email me your answer?


    J. Wilson

  3. B Buchanan
    B Buchanan says:

    I just aquired an old Peterborough Mahogany ply boat with the trailer “thrown in”. Many coats of paint peeling, rust … but with this little metal dog that slides forward when you pull the chain. I took it to the car wash and pressure washed as much as possible when the Tee Nee logo appeared under the paint that peeled away from the fender. Very cool and I’m looking forward to restoring the trailer as much as restoring the boat!

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