Thanks To Jeff Bezos, It’s Now A Thing To Show Your Junk.


If you have been reading, watching or listening to the news yesterday, a huge percentage of men and consenting women share their junk. I don’t get it to be honest. Why does anyone want to see my stuff? And I can guarentee you your junk is not on my list. But hey, we here at WoodyBoater like to stay on the hip edge of the world. So, here ya go.

I have an old set of points and distributor cap I cant seem to throw away.

I have this old parts bag, Cloth junk

Dave VanNess keeps his junk in his drawers

Junk on a peg board

Silver King blew up on the Detroit river a WoodyBoater comment photo

Some junk is priceless – Original transom from the On Golden Pond film boat

Aluminum Heads are—JUNK!

Some people LOVE their junk too much

NOS junk

Troys JUNK!

You can park your junk out on the road now

Mother Nature can show her junk

mmmm 39 days til I can eat some junk!

Sometimes you can burn your junk

There is “One Day Soon “junk


Sent to the right place… GRAVES PLATING… It can become a treasure

So lets see your junk. Its Okay now.



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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    “earth to Troy…come in Troy”……

    I freely give my junk away….always have…never forced my junk on anyone….which if you follow national events is a problem now in Ole Va. it seems???

    John in Va.

  2. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Would post some of my, to much, stuff but have yet to figure out how to change the size of the pics on my phone in order to post. You would think there would be an easier way. 😉

  3. ron y.
    ron y. says:

    Sometimes pictures of other peoples’ junk is interesting, if nothing more than to remind us that dealing with our own junk is much more manageable …. ?

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Interesting…Just yesterday I sent Terry F. a list of old books & mage I’d offer for the auction…Seems I’m, not the first.
    Anyhow I have Complete set of Nautical Quarterly, Wooden & Classic Boating from the beginning & more for the taking…Anyone wants them I’ll throw them in the trunk & deliver at Tavares.

  5. Steve Bunda
    Steve Bunda says:

    For many years I had Classic Boating send me 10 magazines at a time. I literally have 100’s of new magazines . This is just a sample . Now what do I do with them?

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Sorry for the delay guys!

    I am sure one of these fine ladies will be glad to help you with your junk!

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