Thanks To The Antique Boat Museum We All Get To Go Water Skiing Today!

This is cool.

Okay, with a twist, it’s all in a can or box. Thanks to the folks at The Antique Boat Museum, we get to enjoy some very cool still in a box, and can art work. And the odd stuff that only in the time warp machine makes sense. I mean what could go wrong with a Ski-Talkie? Not to be confused with Milwaukee, which is a town up north, and was home to Jeffrey Dahmer. I bet in a bazillion years ya didn’t see that connection? Sometimes my brain just goes places?  okay, maybe Schlitz beer, “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”, it’s also the home a Laverne and Shirley? Ugh, my ADD, Oh look a squirrel..

Oh ya Water skiing….Any way back to the Ski-Talkie, it’s very cool, and wonder how that thing actually worked? I mean did ya have to scream into it?

I guess it worked, cause you can still get some sort of Walkie Talkie for skiing? But how cool is the box art? YA

She is so happy in her one color printing.

Now for the Skier that wants to rocket through the water there is a very cool NOS can of Ski-Wax. Spray no less.

Maybe its an under arm deodorant wax thing?


They sure do believe in this product.

And last but no least, A Moor-Matic thing. It dices, it slices it, it, it, makes no sense to me. Maybe one of you skier folks can tell me over the Ski Talkie?

Reels for Water skiing.

Thats a lotta tow lines

There it is, still in the box!

A huge shout out to the team at The Antique Boat Museum who are having some fun with this stuff for all our enjoyment. And get this? It’s even cooler in real life, and it’s open. Yup, you hop in the car, Speed Wax your tires and zip on up, over or down to Clayton.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Why would anyone ever need to wax water skis? It won’t make you go any faster, and who wants to go that fast on water skis anyway?

  2. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    You make a good point, m-fine. You only ski as fast as the boat goes. The wax says it’s good for boats. Probably adds 20-30 mph, 50-100 hp if applied according to the directions.

    • Sean
      Sean says:

      Well, that may be almost true if you stay behind the boat. A Pro skier doing a slalom ball course with boat speed of 36mph and crossing the wake at 60 degrees will need to do a maximum of 67mph to cover the course. He/she can also be as slow as 11mph in parts of the run. There is a lot of Physics + math available on the internet to explain this but, it’s just too damned early.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        The physics of going faster than the boat is simple. The skier going up and back covers a lot more distance than a boat going straight so their average speed must be higher.

        The more complicated physics is the boundary layer effects between a hull or ski and the water. A properly engineered rough surface has less drag than a smooth surface, and adding wax will ruin that and increase drag.

  3. Dave
    Dave says:

    I would assume the ski wax lessons the drag of the skis, allowing for another .50 mph which, in the end, hardly makes the effort worth the time or effort.

  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    Did they use the Savitsky or CAHI method for calculating drag before and after application?

  5. FrankofFalmoth
    FrankofFalmoth says:

    I really like stuff like that. OEM boat accessories in original packaging with cool old graphics. And the real functionality of many could seriously be questioned , but they didn’t have the Interweb to question it. Thanks Matt for sharing

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