The 13th Gull Lake Classic at the Bar Harbor Supper Club is Today!

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Fellow Woody Boater Royce Humphreys and his pals from Lake Okaboji in this immaculate Century Ski Dart named “Whoopsie!”

Today, the 13th Gull Lake Classic at the Bar Harbor Supper Club in Minnesota is back, and back strong as ever with over 100 classic boats registered for this years big show.

Ahead of this years show, on Friday, with perfect weather and calm water they organized a pre-event lunch and boat cruise on Gull Lake – and thankfully long time Woody Boater contributor Dane Anderson was on hand with camera in hand.

With an name like “Whoopsie!” mixed together with the antics of Royce Humphreys, I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind that name.

Nels Peterson and Ryan Gran cruising in a 1958 Century 22′ Coronado “Taurus”.

It’s always great to see an original Chris-Craft Kit Boat still in use and looking great. “Christy-Craft” is a 1954 17′ Speedboat Kit owned by Christy & Ricky Hammer.

Bob House and crew on board a beautiful 1947 Century Sea Maid “Made n’ 47”. Sea Maids are cool and timeless.

Dane captured this rare 1930 Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout that was cruising along Gull Lake. “MUSE” is owned by Scott Martin.

Another great shot of this elegant 1930 Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout.

“Rebel Without a Cause” is a rare 1958 Streblow 19′ Rebel owned by Kathy & Eric Moberg. This Rebel is powered by a 350 HP Cadillac Crusader V8.

Don Dineson in his 1936 Chris-Craft 19′ Custom Runabout “Calisota”.

A nice shot of “OH BUOY!” the Nelson Family 1951 Century Resorter powered by a Chrysler Crown M-47S.

All smiles on board Jay & Kate Fleck’s 1947 Century Sea Maid.

And what would be a classic wooden boat show be without the quintessential Chris-Craft 22′ Sportsman. “Sweetness Too” is a 1952 vintage presented by Brad Ernst.

Joseph Brick and crew take a break from cruising on Gull Lake in their 1956 Chris-Craft 17′ Runabout “Jack Pine Savage”.

“Pokey” is a very interesting 1954 Chris-Craft 28′ Sportsman factory built on a day cruiser hull powered by twin Chris-Craft M130HP sixes – presented by Tom Scherber.

Another shot of “Pokey”

Russ & Maureen Sticha in their Canadian built 1949 Greavette 22′ Streamliner “Bellissima”. The marque class this year is Canadian Built Boats.

“Teazer” is a beautiful Italian built 1965 Riva Ariston owned by Brad & Sherry Kramer.

Joel & Jane Meyer in “Scram” a 1931 Hutchison 26′ Runabout.

Our friends Dave & Michelle from Freedom Boat Service in “Sierra Sue” a 1968 Century 21′ Coronado powered by a big Ford 427 Interceptor V-8.

Todays cover photo courtesy of Dane Anderson captures “Torpedo” on Gull Lake. This 1939 Chris-Craft 19′ Custom Barrelback is presented by Mike Sufka. A stunning example of an early Barrelback.

The Gull Lake Classic at Bar Harbor host John Allen in his 1926 Earl Barnes 26′ Triple. This is one of three Earl Barnes runabouts in Johns Fort Mahogany collection.

Another shot of John in “Dolphin” flying a Canadian flag.

On Friday evening a fabulous dinner was held at the Lee & Penny Anderson Classic Museum in nearby Nisswa, MN. For any of you that had a chance to visit the museum during the 2015 ACBS International, since then the museum has doubled in size with an even more impressive collection of classic cars and boats.

But we will prepare a story just dedicated to the Lee & Penny Anderson Museum in the coming days.  It’s worth the wait. – Texx

Dane reports that the dinner at the Lee & Penny Anderson Museum was wonderful and well attended as usual.

A modern day selfie of Michelle, Dave (with the funny pants) and our friend and boat show host John Allen.

Special thanks to Dane Anderson for the great photos today.  Also special thanks to Lee & Penny Anderson for inviting everyone to enjoy the spectacular museum on Friday.

Please stay tuned for more coverage from the 2022 Gull Lake Classic at Bar Harbor tomorrow and next week. – Texx

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    AND A HUGE THANKS TO TEXX! Of all the mornings I was up at 4AM.. What a great surprise. Now I have no clue what to do? Maybe I will sit, have a sip of coffee and comment on Woody Boater. Ya.. Thats what I am gonna do. Like a regerler Joe. Egh, gonna leave that spelling bomb there. Its saturday!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Ha preparing a story for a 6:00 EST deadline – just like the Good-ol-Days. (I actually quite enjoy it)

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great story Texx. Looks like you had great weather for a nice run with a lot of great boats. Nice to see a couple Canadian boats in the mix and a Power Squadron ensign. The venue for the party last night could not have been better. It was nice talking with John Allen when he was our guest in Algonac for our party in June.
    Thank you Dane Anderson for the great photos. I am looking forward to more coverage of this great event next week. Nice to have Matt and Texx doing their thing again!

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      BTW, that barrel back “Torpedo” looks familiar. I think it was restored by a WoodyBoater who’s name starts with T and ends with x. I think it also won best in class at Lake Tahoe fresh off the restoration. Just saying.

  3. Ned Protexter
    Ned Protexter says:

    In the second picture it looks like Dave was explaining to Chris why he has to sit in the back. Have fun guys.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Welcome back Texx! That show is definitely on my bucket list – maybe next year… In a month we’ll be headed to Chelan for Mahogany and Merlot!

  5. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Texx. Thanks for putting that together. Always informative and interesting. Nice to see a few Centuries in the mix. Welcome back

    • Dane
      Dane says:

      We love to see you here Kent. When you do come, plan to be here for Friday. The Friday cruise on Gull is gaining popularity each year and it’s a good time to capture boats out on the water.

  6. Mike Sufka
    Mike Sufka says:

    Huge thanks to Lee Anderson, John Allen, Dave Bortner, and Dane ( great pictures as always ) for an incredible weekend – it’s the highlight of a great summer.

    MDS …. “Torpedo”

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