The 2011 Official Hagerty / Woody Boater Last Gasp Awards!

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This is not just any award. this is real Lucite.. Only two will be awarded.

Ladies and Germs, if you will be seated we can start the show. This is the 2nd Annual Last Gasp Awards..Thanks to Alex Watson and his great idea that started it all. Yesterday all the votes were tallied up and the judges are unanimous in there decisions. We agonized for what “seemed” like hours over the tough choices.. Oh it was tough.. The judges were Carla, Chris and myself. They sent in there awards and I get to make up.. I mean qualify my own. We are handing out just TWO, of the coveted Hagerty “AWARD OF DISTINCTION” No its not a bottle of mouthwash.. The others here just get bragging rights.. And Hagerty “flashlights” When you are 90 and have lost it all and the world is getting dark… You will have the Hagerty Flashlight… And one very very special award… Read below.. Enjoy… So, without further adoooo! Turn down your lights and turn up the cheesy band music..

Best Rock Video…. Rabbit, From MN.

Best “You had your chance” video….Suzy in Suzy

Best “Postcard Photo”….Kristen Glick, Holland, MI

Best “Where is the Captain now?” (Garwood)…..Loren Sattler, Hessel, MI

Best “This what you look like @ 105mph”…..Seth, Jimmy,  Matt, and Bob Kays

Best Header.. Uncle Bob, Wes Yandt

This header was amazing on the top of the page.. Dang!

Best use of fall colors.. Alex Watson For his Hessel Header

The Header that said Fall the best

Best Use of his kids to get this dumb award…Brian Toye

The Tot Toye's on thee Toy Zoomer

Best Sunday Morning on CBS end of the gasp video to Chad Durren


A Very Special” Good Sport” Award goes to  Mike Mayor.. For starting the week out with some fun and humor.. It got things going with fun and showed us all what a fun comunity we all are in.. Thanks Mike.. and Chad for getting this one rolling.. We have a special “Bag of real leaves for Mike..

And the the first Grand Prize Winner .. Paul and Karen Harrison For not disappointing us on one more boating excursion were nothing goes right. After getting stranded in Montana, loosing a transmission in St Louis, running out of gas in Tahoe, and a broken Drive shaft on there NEW truck.. This last gasp attempt to enjoy a simple boat ride, with a motor that wont start was just classic.. So.. For that Hagerty is proud to award you guys with the big award.

Paul tring to get the motor started.. Again..

And the other big Winner.. “It’s Over” Photo….Dale Sirois, Cheyenne, WY This shot said it all, and when we saw it, we all inside of our hearts knew it was over.. Thanks Dale.

"It's Over"

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Congratulations to all of the Honorable Mentions (hope you live long enough to enjoy your flashlights) and the Award of Distinction (no it’s not mouth wash) winners Dale & Paul. Fun, Fun!!!

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Is that REAL blowing hair in the banner or just plastic/hairspray/gel?

    Congrats to all winners. Now it is time to prep our entries for the springs first breath contest.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I forgot about that gorgeous jet that was once featured here. Yes that thing should need no trickery to make the hair fly. Think of the boys she will be able to pick up with that boat in a few years! Lily and her plastic props will surely be jealous.

  3. Woody
    Woody says:

    I loved this shot the second Alex sent it.. That is what this passion is all about.. And you know this is all planted deep into her soul now.. He is building the perfect boating army… Or they will reject him and go build a cabin in the woods and want nothing to do with any fosel fuel thing..

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      So will we refer to him as General Alex, Captain Alex, Admiral Alex, or…

      I think Mike M has a different name for Alex but…

  4. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    Carla & I want to thank all of you that submitted photos and stories!! And also, to all those that tune in to check it out!! And THANKS MATT for allowing this all to happen with your passion for this madness!!!

  5. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    What the he!! is going on around here? I always thought Woodyboaters were good people….but Noooo. Here we have one guy (who shall remain nameless) teaching his young daughter that fake plastic Lily’s are not only OK but that you can “win” through this deception. Then another guy exposing his kids to hypothermia just for a little “air time” on woodyboater. Then Alex…oh Alex, pulling his kid out of school and racing her down the cold lake just so he can take a picture of her “rigged” hair flying in the breeze.

    Is this what we’re teaching our kids?? What the…..

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Careful there big boy. I was about to name our new granddaughter and the Deluxe “Hyacinth” so we could take the same unfair advantage at shows. Our daughter wouldn’t stand for it. Well….

    • brian
      brian says:

      Hang on there Kemosabe.

      Life must be balanced.

      There are WBers who will stage fake leaves and those that will claim that nature provided the spectacle.

      There are WBers that will take their lovely children tubing with their 1930 wood boat in 60 degree near-rain while making purists cringe and his wife totally disapprove while others wlll go for a little cruise only when it is 80 degrees outside.

      There are those that have good luck with everything and thus will never experience any trouble while boating whatsoever, and then there are folks like that Canadian Charlie Brown dude and his lovely wife.

      And there are people who I will not mention by name that will drive their Harley down the interstate doing over 100mph while snapping photos all with no hands. (much balance needed here)

      Ya see – balance is all around us.

      Some of us are “Yins” and some like MikeM enjoy being a real “Yang” sometimes.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Harley-Davidson’s cruise control won’t let you exceed 100MPH. Most of those iPhone pics were taken at 98 MPH.

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