The Amazing Model Making of John Into & Nancy Price


I had just featured a nice model on eBay this week. It just sold for a tad over $200. What was special about that model is that it did not look like one of the elcheapo ones. And for the record, $200 bucks was a killer price, so congrats to lucky new owner. If you want to step it up a notch, and have your dream boat built from scratch with you in your family room, meet John Into and Nancy Price. In fact you may have already met them at one of the countless shows they go to.
Shows are a bit overwhelming for me, my eyes are consumed with all the boats and people to meet. So a one foot long highly dtailed boat gets blended in with all the others. But the more you look, the more amazing they are. John and Nancy do an amazing job. Here is there web site, so you can drool and fantasize about your new one footer…. Click Here!

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    Anonymous says:

    OK I got thru I guess. Anyway I was the high bidder on the eBay model yesterday. Thanks to your posting the info. on it. I’m on eBay all the time buying and selling but there is so many categorys and different ways to search for vintage wooden boating items I miss some of the good items like this one, but thanks to your post I’m the new owner. I will have it on display at this summers Smith Mt. Lake Show (I’m the one with all the old junk and the Woody Postcards)so stop by and see it in person.
    Thanks, Frank

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