The Antique Boat Museum Virtual Barn Full Of Barn Find Tour.

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Take a seat and a wonderful tour

Today we have a whopper of a virtual tour of the Don Doebler Storage Building. This is my favorite building on the campus. There is something about the gestalt of it all together. Yes that is a big word, but we are in museum mode now.

The ladder is a statement to the entire barn concept. I would take it further and place some dead mice and girly auto parts calendar from the 70’s in there. But thats just me.

While the other buildings are curated and framed and posed, there is a just found aspect of the way these boats are displayed. Not all perfect, but perfect in there used innocence. This captures the true emotion of how boats are stored and so in an essence, the complete feeling.. gestalt… is achieved. Okay, I am done with my snooty museum talk. And I keep having to spell check. So can we move on. But down your avocado toast cube and mimosa, and lets watch together.

A huge thanks to The Antique Boat Museum for thinking outside of the box and bringing the fun and varnish to us all in our homes. And thanks to The Wooden Boat Experience for the great work. WOOOHOOO!

We have donated WECATCHEM…pictures to the museum.

ALSO DON’T FORGET. You can have your boat on exhibit at the museum. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! 

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  1. Al Schinnerer
    Al Schinnerer says:

    This would be even better if it were possible pause the video in the full screen mode without getting the info on other You Tube videos on the lower half of the screen. One would be able to better research details on these great boats. Am I missing something?

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to have “Gates money” (after all, this is a virus and he spends millions on research and maybe even had a hand in creating this virus for all you conspiracy people – and I’m one) and set up a “candy machine” in that warehouse, you know the kind where you enter a column and row number for your selection. And at the warehouse have a railway to the St. Lawrence. And you pick from column A, B, C, etc, then number 5, or whatever and a 2 axis overhead gantry picks the boat you have selected. Then lifts it up and proceeds to set it on the rail system to be launched at the river and you go for a ride. I’ll take the 24′ Chris Craft “Ashlita” please, “c2”. And now those machines take credit/debit cards, “Whoops, you’re over your limit for that selection, please select another, maybe that rowboat is within your financial status”. Just my luck, it would drop my selection at some point and crash the system. By the way, what motor is in Ashlita? Its not a CC Hercules, or even a Chrysler model, or a Scripps. Looks like a magneto distributor like a Vertex I had on my race boat motor. Anyone?

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    On one hand it is great to see so many relics of the past preserved for future generations to see.

    One the other, it is just sad that no humans are using and enjoying these boats anymore.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Once again Great Video! This is one that I will have to watch several times.

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