The Art Of Classic Boating – By Doug Meythaler Studio

1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer 1 - Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS about attending classic boat shows is the people you meet and the relationships that develop long after the show is over. We first crossed paths with Doug Meythaler in 2013 during the busy Gull Lake Classic Boat Show in Bar Harbor, Minnesota. Doug is from Golden Valley, MN – just outside Minneapolis.

In 2014 we featured some of Doug’s artwork for a Woody Boater header, and then last week Doug posted a photo (above) of his latest classic boating artwork on our Facebook page. We were (once again) inspired by his work and asked Doug to tell us more about his studio and his outstanding work. – Texx

Doug Meythaler noted – My latest artwork is of a 1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer. I saw this boat at the Gull Lake Classic Boat Show. This boat really grabs your attention. You know its purpose instantly and that is to go fast. Not only is the wood beautiful, the lines are great too. When I saw it I knew I needed to create a piece with this boat in it.

1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer Cockpit - 5 Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

I chose to do this piece as a pencil drawing. Most of my drawings are usually study sketches for my paintings. With this piece I wanted a completed drawing with a wider range in values. This image really seemed to lend itself to a black and white rendering.

The deep rich wood grain framed by all the bright work was fun and challenging to render. With the boat in the foreground and the tree lined lake in the background, the viewer is invited to imagine themselves at the lake admiring this magnificent boat.

Mahogany Bay Study Sketch - 6

Mahogany Bay Study Sketch – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

Thanks to Woody Boater for allowing me to share this piece with you. Thank you, as well, to the owners of these beautiful boats who bring them out to share them with the public.

This piece is sold but if you are interested in my work you can follow me on my Doug Meythaler Studio Facebook page. No Facebook account needed unless you want to leave a comment. I can be contacted at You can also see my works on my YouTube Channel.

Sincerely, Doug Meythaler

Harbor Queens Study Sketch - 2

Harbor Queens Study Sketch – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio


Woody Boater Header courtesy Doug Meythaler Studio from 2014. Notice this is a cropped / colored version from the original artwork in the above image.

Here is a great video from Doug’s YouTube Channel where you can see the Hacker Gold Cup artwork come to life.


After receiving his BFA from Iowa State University, Doug Meythaler has been painting professionally for over 23 yrs. Doug has produced work for private commissions, corporate collections, the collectables industry and gallery work. He works mainly in watercolor and acrylics in a realistic style.

Doug’s body of award winning work has included portraiture, sports themed art, automotive and racing art. More recently Doug has taken time away from focusing on his art to be a stay-at-home-parent to his three girls. Now that his girls are a little older Doug has started to refocus on his art. Doug’s affinity for classic cars and boats comes through in his artwork.

Streamliner Study Sketch - 3 Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

Greavette Streamliner Study Sketch – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

'Formula One'-1985 Formula LS272 - 4 Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

‘Formula One’-1985 Formula LS272 – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

Alfa Romeo GTV Drawing - 7 Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

Alfa Romeo GTV Drawing – Copyright Doug Meythaler Studio

Special thanks to Doug for sharing your beautiful artwork with us here today.

Of course our special connection to “Ethyl-Ruth IV” – Lee Anderson’s 1934 Hacker Gold Cup Racer – came when Steve Lively (from Anderson’s Classic Boat Museum in Nisswa, MN) offered to take us out for a “high performance” ride on Nisswa Lake. It was a memorable boat ride in a historic boat…

Ethyl - Ruth IV

Steve Lively and Texx heading out in “Ethyl-Ruth IV” – Dane Anderson photo 2013.

We are anticipating that “Ethyl-Ruth IV” will be on display later this year during the Antique & Classic Boat Society 40th Annual Meeting and International Boat Show at Gull Lake, Minnesota – September 23-26, 2015.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Doug you do BEAUTIFUL work!

    Love the Hacker and thanks for posting the Formula she is the big sister to our 1985 242LS “Gottago”.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    This is definitely my kind of art. The header is somewhat reminiscent of the Old Club on Harsens Island. As you know I love the big old sedans in the “Harbor Queens” picture. Beautiful stuff!

  3. Royce A. Humphreys
    Royce A. Humphreys says:

    Wow, what a beautiful medium to capture the essence of the objects that we all adore! Great work and I hope to meet Doug at the International Show in September!
    Todays header with it’s mention of the relationships made me think of all of the great people I’ve gotten to meet from across the US and Canada. Truly a wonderful dividend that we derive from this hobby. All of the help we all receive and pay forward to advance our projects makes this pretty special.
    Blast off for Florida is next Wednesday evening with boat in tow! Cannot wait!

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