The Art Of George McInnis

To start off the week.. George McInnis…We have been reporting on George for years.. During this past last gasp week George floored us with some new images.. Wow.. Thanks George for sharing that eye of yours with the rest of us..

Titled….”Morning” OK.. Wait a minute.. We need to work on the titles here.. Morning run… Fishing friends…. Golden morning..
Titled “DSC 0695” Oh…. George… How about.. Dark run… Or Time Warp 
mmmm what to call DSC 0484.. mmmmmmm
DSC 2766…..George… Your killing me here.. I need emotion.. Chaps last lap?     Summer reflections? 
“pg5″…. George…. George…. Ya got the perfect boat in the perfect place on a perfect day with perfect light.. Its all perfect.. At least make this one “pg1”
“Under the bridge” All right George.. A title.. Way to go!
mmmm wait… its coming to me.. hold on… wait a minute… just a minute.. 
I love this one.. The subtle hints of morning warmth with a hint of aqua tint that evokes an early morning moment of contemplation before a day of work.. You can almost feel our driver thinking about the day ahead.. Maybe he is supposed to be at work and he slipped out for that first run.. Or that feeling one gets on a saturday morning in the warm sun just slowly driving around the lake.. With a due damp towel… Titled appropriately.. pg 7…

Thanks George.. all kidding aside on the titles.. what a great way to start out the week..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    George, your photography and art are amazing!
    WoodyBoater, your humor is… Well, should we say it's… aaaa…. (Actually, I enjoyed it).

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As always George does another great job, and as always Michigan has the best water…
    "Storm Duty"
    Lexington MI

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