The Battle Of Algonac Banner.

Yes its cool! And now Hot!

Yesterday if you watched the Algonac Banner on ebay sale end, you had a fun bidding war happen. Someonessss clearly wanted it and had deep pockets to do that with. Is it a rare banner? Hall ya! It had it all. History, condition and a Chris Craft.

The bidding.

But $717 is an amazing number and will look amazing framed in a boathouse most likely in Algonac. Or maybe it went to the Algonac Museum. But the cool part was watching the fight. It hit 250 near the end, then WAM 600. Someone thought they could kill it. Then another , and then in the end one bidder with one bid. BAM! Sniping at its best. Crazy stuff when to be honest, no one had another banner to compare it with.

Amazing art

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  1. RH In Indy
    RH In Indy says:

    Thanks for following that for us. Looks like you took a shot at it. It’s good to know when to say when.

  2. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    I got old and banned Captain Morgan from e-bay in the 1990’s…;
    y’all should as well!

    Wait a mo…, I do have hundreds of such purchases to sell?

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