The Classic Pope Boat Mobile.

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While his Holiness is here clogging traffic and blessing us all here in the DC area.Woody Boater has been hard at work. Doing extensive research in the Vatican archives WoodyBoater has found this exciting and interesting find. This one of a kind Riva Pope Mobilia was uncovered in the Vatican Boat house in Venice. It all makes sense, there are no roads in Venice, and the Pope has to get around. Unfortunately all Woody Boater could find was this image. Those of you that specialize in Riva’s may be able to find out more. Things like, With that three ton bullet proof thing on the aft end, can the boat float? Woody Boater suspects though that shortly after the Pope Mobilia was made it was noted that the Pope can walk on water, so why the boat? And thus explaining why we never really see this craft. So there you have it. An exclusive find from Woody Boater. Now if only we can find something on Joe Martell…

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  1. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Ohhhhh. Haaaaaaaa. Brillient. We are all going to hell for this one. Its nice to know I will now have company!

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