The Countdaown To Lake Dora Is On! Do You Have What It Takes?

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Are you ready to smell the varnish?

Just 10 Days! That’s right, you have been waiting all winter for this and now it’s here? We are still getting ready with this years fun and getting the boat ready for the big trip. And the big news today for our fellow Sons Of Varnish, the shirts are ready. But, as usual, they are ONLY available at the show. Owning a Sons Of Varnish shirt is far more than just commerce. You have to have earned it.

Do yo believe in the power of varnish?

Have you spent more money on your boat than its worth?

Is a barn find ratty old pile of sticks more exciting than a new Cobalt boat?

Does the smell of rotten fuel excite you?

Do you look forward to winter so you can work on your woody boat?

Is the idea of sinking secretly excite you?

Water in the bilge is a good thing?

Do you always have a spare trailer hitch in your trunk just in case you see something while out on the road?

Is the sound of a wet flathead exhaust your radio?

Do you always have a spare sparkplug in your tool box?

Do you see 5 gallon buckets as a boating tool?

Does a burger from a 60 year old diner sound like a gourmet meal?

Is 200 miles an afternnon drive if it involves a classic boat?

Do you really give a crap of the difference between a reed and prince and philips head screw?

When you watch old movies, do you look for the old boats?

Do you feel that a good wave is a responsibility not a simple gesture while out on your woody boat?

Then my fellow Woody Boater you have earned the colors of the Sons Of varnish. We ask that you wear it proudly at Boating events. That you show the world that you are about living the Woody Boater lifestyle in its fullest. Join us, you the one percenters of the Antique and classic boat universe. Across the globe your fellow Sons of varnish salute you.


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    The problem I have with the header is the guy with the cool shirt, with the extra hitch in his car, looking for the next barn find and worrying about correct zipper pulls is standing alone on the shore.  While the guy with a nice user is out with a BOATLOAD of women. Unless he’s wearing S-O-V shirt also?

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    10 Days?? This “Daylight savings time” has me all messed up! I’m leaving this Wednesday. Maybe I’ll find an excavator to test drive on the way.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    If you are going to the show, please pick me up an XL SoV shirt. I promise not to tell Matt where I got it. 

    • WoodyGal
      WoodyGal says:

      OK, OK The constant pitiful whining has finally gotten to me! I will be happy to buy you a shirt & mail it to you!  Does Matt WoodyBoater have your address? Or phone number?  XL right?  At no extra cost I will drag it through the waters of Lake Dora, rub a little essence  of chicken on a stick on one sleeve and rub some of Jim Staibs vintage parts on the other one. You will be able to wear it and enjoy the most memorable smells of the show. You will have to add your own gas & varnish. DONE!

  4. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Is wood boat porn your preferred internet viewing choice?
    Do you buy lots of old boat gear online for projects that you have not even started yet?
    Do you work on wood boats more than you ride in them?
    Do you have a collection of special tools just for cleaning the nooks and crannies of lapstrake bilges?
    Do you follow and comment on blogs about wood boats?
    Do you think about getting professional help, not for the boat silly?
    Would you throw yourself under the claw of the excavator to save a old wood boat?
    Would you sit and type out all the reasons you think your wacked for wanting another boat?
    Would you see how many wood boats you can fit in a shed till there is no room to move?
    Well then I guess there is no help for your perdicament.

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    Hey I just figured out the header.

    It’s Matt’s subliminal marketing mind at work again.

    The guy on the dock is actually me (Tom boatless in Tavares) and the guy in the boat full of beautiful women is actaully Matt.
    My one question to you Matt why the hate??  Do you really have to flip me the bird while boating by?  I bought a SOV shirt and I get is left at the dock while you leave with all the boater babes and Donzi girls.

    Thanks Matt for also making me look alot thinner than in real life.

    See you in Florida.

    P.S.   72 Hornet I may see you at your Palatka stop on the cruise down the St Johns River run.

  6. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    We get in on Thursday, pumped for the whole thing. Saturday at noon, sitting on the patio at ALS with a burger and beer,looking at and listening to the race boats is what is on my mind right now. And Matt – 2XXL please, regrettably but not surprisingly I am fatter than last year.

  7. Tom
    Tom says:

    By the sounds of it Matt won’t be selling any smalls.

    He might soon have to place T-shirt orders through Omar the Tent maker.

  8. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Here’s a thought! If Matt runs out of XXL shirts, we can just cut patterns out of his Woody Boater Tent and stencil them up. Hope you have a black tent – Matt

    FRANCHINI says:

    Unfortunately the trip from the exact opposite corner of the Country for the show costs more than I have spent on some of my boats. So I am going Nomad. Maybe join the Mayan’s or the 1-9er’s. I wonder how much it is going to cost to get this full back tattoo covered up? “Sons of Famowood” has a nice ring to it…

  10. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    You folks are getting PUNCHY…….the time will pass and we will all meet in the tent etc. etc.   just be patient…….

    Went boating yesterday….cruiser guys do that.
    Hoping for great weather at Tavares, certain to have great company!!!a

    John in Va.      

  11. 72 Hornet
    72 Hornet says:

    I will be on the cruise with the Iowa gang, so make sure you look me up on Palatka.  I’m in Indy for a meeting until tomorrow afternoon, have boat in tow, and life is good thus far.  Plan is to arrive in Jax late Wednesday evening….. Can’t wait!

  12. Bill Kelly
    Bill Kelly says:

    I’ll see you all there for 5th year, this time I’m on land with AOMCI gang. Be sure to drop by and see some really nice motors. AND – yes, a WOOD BOAT!

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