The Cushion Series Sale – Buy All Three Save $10 PLUS, A Special Vintage Shirt New Deal!

Very popular size

Like Cushions? Like T Shirts? Like Saving Money? Well, have we got a deal for you. You, you cushion loving, T shirt wearing Cheap skate. You can now collect all three at once, and save. This series has become extremely popular, and as our T Shirt people, yes we have people..said, These are the best shirts yet! So lets get dressed for the summer and go woody boating, with a clean t-shirt for a change.

Flotation device shirt

And the all new WHAT KNOT? Shirt

We also have some FLATHEADS in stock.

If your t shirt collection looks like mine, they all have some sort of paint, varnish or grease stain on them. This way you can look dapper out on your boat.

These are $1 when you buy a 6 volt bilge pump from Jim Staib at Ask about the Woodyboater deal! While supplies last.


And for our regular Woody Boater readers, we have a special relationship with LOWTIMERS so you can order custom Chain stitched shirts. We will be doing a larger story on these. These start at $175

Any logo or name you want on a vintage shirt. This is the one I had made as a sample

Each shirt is vintage, flaws and all, the stitching is done on a vintage machine by hand.

And happy header day. Woke up late from a night of awards at the New Jersey Addies. We had a very good night. Which of course makes a bad morning. Hey, I got a story up at least. Now back to sleep.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    After 9am and no comments? Wow. Well there’s always this. May be subject to copyright.

  2. Johnny V. aka John Vyverberg
    Johnny V. aka John Vyverberg says:

    Varnishing in the AM,polishing chrome for re-installation in the afternoon. I’m getting closer to the end of a 20 year fluff….

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