The Daisy Chain Idea May Actually Happen! WTF?

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This is kinda the plan as of now. Subject to change.

For the record it was, and is, a really stupid idea, and yet, sometimes the stupid ideas are the most fun. Especially when it’s winter and well, doing nothing is stupider than a the stupid thing. Oh god, that just worked my pea brain into a twist? So. We are working out the details. Stay tuned.



Not the boat, just a Daisy image

If this works and not sure why it wouldn’t. I would be more than happy to make this a regular feature. Daisy Chaining could become a 2021 thing! It’s got it all. Working together, BuyApartsSon? Thats now a word. Dang!

Please be safe. BTW, this is Bob Kays, not the Bob Hamilton who is the Bob doing Toledo to DC. I just used it for a mask visual.

A WORD ABOUT DOING THIS DURING COVID!  This concept was motivated because of COVID and trying to minimize staying at hotels and traveling. We ALL agree, no contact, possibly a meet at a point, and drop and run. MASKS! PLEASE. It’s a crap storm out there, and would not want to be part of bringing sadness to anyone for a boat. The sellers have been on a lock down and not taken time off since Jan of 2020. So being respectful of that is important. After all we don’t want anyone PUSHING UP DAISYS for a Woody Daisy Chain! BOOM!



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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:


    Who’d a thunk it. Matt I guess?

    All deserve a good pat on the back for getting this done, but Bob is really “going the distance” you might say.

    Good luck all!

  2. Gary Van Tassel
    Gary Van Tassel says:

    Wish this idea was around when I picked the Kavalk 19 from Sierra Boat Co. and brought her back to Virginia. But then again not sure I would have trusted anyone on this site with the boat. That’s a joke, just to be clear.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      That’s not a problem. Matt is providing official Woodyboater duct tape and bungee cords for tiedowns.

      What could go wrong?

  3. warren
    warren says:

    Make sure Steve hooks and unhooks the trailer, then hooks it to Bob’s car/truck as Bob observes from a safe distance, checking Bob’s work.
    Then Matt unhooks and hooks up to his truck.
    This will minimize the cootie contact points

  4. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    This trip sounds like a great way to break up this bleak winter – I’m jealous! While I would not in any way try to diminish the seriousness of the current pandemic we are all enduring I will say that I work for a manufacturing company in Michigan that is located in an industrial park. We have nonstop local delivery trucks and interstate semis being loaded and unloaded all day and night long. Everyone wears masks and social distances and there have not been any issues.

    Like most things [especially in classic and antique boats] an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

    Have fun and enjoy the adventure!!!

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Your quote “For the record it was, and is, a really stupid idea, and yet, sometimes the stupid ideas are the most fun. ” Check out the 1996 movie with Kelsey Grammer and Bruce Dern. If I remember correctly there is a line the the effect that they prefer to go with the unpredictable and stupid plan as it’s worked so far. Think like a pirate.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Not really, financially it made no sense, its an inexpensive boat and I would have made the trip but would have to kill two days and sleep in a hotel, which in this world right now I wish to avoid.

  6. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    From what I’ve read here over the years, this could have the potential of being more interesting if Paul Harrison was behind the wheel for a leg of the journey.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Great story line! Effort speaks well for our community.
    Be safe and make it fun…almost as good as Going Boating…which may be on the agenda for me tomorrow…
    John in Va.

  8. Jim "the Lurker"
    Jim "the Lurker" says:

    Good luck Matt…I believe we’re all excited to see how this all comes together…maybe I missed it but what kind of boat are you getting ?

  9. mr. clean freak
    mr. clean freak says:

    **random thought… being from michigan i’m aware of road conditions during the winter months (salt, gravel, slush, slop and shear nastiness); that said – how will this poor little boat survive the long trek behind towed behind a vehicle? Perhaps you should have someone just store it up there until better weather is in the forecast.

    • mr. clean freak
      mr. clean freak says:

      jim – that’s the craziest clip i’ve ever seen! what if that thing broke lose and flew through someone’s windshield? that guy deserves a whopper of a ticket.

  10. George Emmanuel
    George Emmanuel says:

    Those of us in the Antique Outboard Motor Club have been doing it for years. Boats on trailers are easy to move, but an outboard? Especially a rare one? No UPS for us.

  11. Tom (not from the DSA)
    Tom (not from the DSA) says:

    What about insurance coverage while the boat is being transported? This is why you need to hire a commercial hauler.
    I wouldn’t want to haul a small whirlwind outboard in the winter time. Not just the snow and slush that will be covering the boat but also the salt damage to the trailer. The trailer with minimal weight of the boat is a disaster waiting to happen with fishtailing.
    I would just store the boat in Michigan until spring or hire a professional insured hauler.

  12. Matt
    Matt says:

    I dont disagree. And if its a snow ice fest, I understand. It is weather sensitive for sure. Its not a big deal money boat and I will have it insured.

  13. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    If your that concerned. Its a small boat, have the guy wrap it in plastic. I don’t know about other peoples insurance, but mine covers anything that I tow.

  14. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Lysol spray and Clorox wipes at the transfer points along with masks should take care of it. Of course, the champagne toasts may alter the situation a bit… Here’s to a safe journey and delivery for all! 🙂

  15. Peter Mueller
    Peter Mueller says:

    At least you can get your boat!
    I have a boat stuck in Peter Breen’s shop in Canada until the border opens up. Have a motor there too. Both have been there since last Spring.

  16. mr. clean freak
    mr. clean freak says:

    final comment and then i’ll be quiet: will the seller hold the boat until the weather breaks?
    the damage the boat will suffer from a long trip might not be worth it. not to mention: you might not be able to use it until better weather arrives…

  17. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    We did this daisy chain thing about 20 years ago with an ACBS boat donated by Lindsey Hopkins to be raffled off at a quarterly or annual meeting in Florida if I remember correctly and a similar operation with another Chetek outboard once owned by Bob Speltz. I remember Stan Peterson being on the Iowa/Minnesota end and I was in the middle and Dave Donor was on the Florida end, I think. But we didn’t transport in Winter. Actually, if the roads are clear which is 95%+ of the time, should be no problems. I’ve transported in the Winter at customers request and have dodged storms and run on dry roads. Pressure wash the trailer after the trip and wash the boat with soap and water.

  18. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I drive slowly on wet roads in Traverse City to reduce amount of spray until I got to higher traffic main roads that were dry. All interior upholstery was moved inside of the van. I doubt the outboard has that issue. Covid does complicate the transport and having just gotten over it myself, I don’t take prevention (like hand sanitizing) as nonchalantly as I did before. I have no idea how I got it because no friends I came in contact with had it. At least now, I temporarily have some immunity which may only last 3-4 months, but who knows.

    • mr. clean freak
      mr. clean freak says:

      floyd r turbo – looks like that picture is right there in TC on M72 running along the water (west bay)… cool boat you’re towing.
      lindsey hopkins was my uncle – talk about anal; i think that’s where i get it from.

      • floyd r turbo
        floyd r turbo says:

        You are exactly correct about the location. Lindsey was a good friend and I hauled many of his boats back and forth to Florida or from Canada and other locations for his use. On his passing, I delivered his collection of boats to many different buyers and retailers. RIP Lindsey.

  19. Ray
    Ray says:

    Peter Mueller. Your boat should not be stuck in Canada. The border is fully open to “commercial” deliveries. I had a 28 ft boat brought to Canada from Antique Boat America in NY state via services they arranged. You have to pay for brokerage fees plus the delivery costs. Good luck.

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