The Fine Art Of An Authentic Reproduction


The Ramsey Brothers are a treasure trove of all that’s good in Woodyboaterville. I love these guys. They get the entire zipper thing and have taken it a step further. Like way beyond even my sickness.they have done an Authentic reproduction of Chris Craft Gauge panels. Oh! Ya! This is insane level 10. Like they should be in a home someplace. And we all want to move in with them.

I am thinking about a Woody Boater jacket? Straight Jacket?

Amazing detail -p Details of the process to reproduce 3/4/5 gauge instrument panels. Here is a 5 gauge Chris Craft.

I want the dash, then find the boat to fit

Clearly this is not a money maker, but is a wonderful thing to keep the art of boating alive. *Authentic reproduction, not casting.

You can watch your engine’s oil pressure drop in style!

Detail of whats behind it all

We use an ancient screw press to stamp them after we etch them – Yes they even use the old tools.

Now you may think using an old stamp machine is over kill and getting rather Zen about things. And that is where the true genus is. Remember, Genus is in the details. There is a very subtle difference in how a process is done to be authentic. Just like varnish vs Urethane. This is the fine line of art, and craftsmanship, vs mass production. As I have said many times here. This gets into the entire Arts and Crafts Movement, Elbert Hubbard and William Morris. And yes, The Ramsey Brothers are to us the William Morris Brothers of our universe.


You may also recall them reprinting the labels for Chris Craft paint cans from original printing plates. No? Well you can dig deeper into the true art here.

A treasure trove of printing plates.


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  1. RivaDella
    RivaDella says:

    I totally get it! This is the level of detail insanity that makes restoring a rare boat fun. Kudos to the Ramseys!
    Different boat; same level of effort involved. BH Speedo created, from derelict bits and my drawings, these one-off Jaeger instruments for Perlita Too, Tritone no. 3. New dies for the metal forming; hand etching for the lettering, 3 tries to get the color & texture just right, literally 100’s of hours of dedication.

  2. Steve Anderson in MI
    Steve Anderson in MI says:

    Did they have access to the original dies somehow? Or did they recreate them? Either way, it is pretty impressive results!

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