The Fine Classic Boat Art of JC Parker

One of the things that is always in shortage for this great hobby is art. The irony of course is that the boats are art. But the world around them has mostly been lost. Not many folks of the day had paintings done of there boats… I can see it now. “Honey that painting of the Sea Ray is stunning over the mantle”…. The art we find is usually commercial art. Old signs, illustrations from covers of the rudder… So it’s very cool when we find great artists that paint the scenes that we like. Meet JC Parker. Meet him here, and if you like he will be glad to paint your boat as well. For your wall. Not the boat, that’s between you and a can of varnish! The two images above are prints for purchase if you like as well. Happy Monday…

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  1. Kerry
    Kerry says:

    This post got me thinking of another great wooden boat artist whom I first encountered when visiting the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Center in Gravenhurst, Ontario. There I saw original oil paintings from Doug Dunford a local painter. His five foot canvases of wooden boats and local cottage sceens are breath taking. You would have to be told that they are paintings and not photographs. The angles and perspectives are totally unique right down to the beads of water. Unfortunately I could not afford the 10-15 grand Canadian to buy one. He does however have a compilation of his work in the book Wood & Glory which can be had for about 35.00 CAD…if you can still find it. ACBS did a cover and a small story on him in the summer 2007 issue.

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