The First Spontaneous Sunset Ride Of The Season


A huge thanks to loooongtime fellow WoodyBoater Bob r saving the day with a wonderful spontaneous Sunset story. This is what its all about. Magic light, magic moments and a good camera to capture all the magic! Thanks Ray Reynolds for getting out there. You are never alone when your’re on a Woody Boat! Take it away Mr Kays

RAY! OHHH RAY! Look over here RAY. Apparently Ray is absorbed with some serious Sunset Hypnosis. RAAAAAAAAY! 

“The Lake, a fellow Woody Boater and a sunset helped turn a long tiring day, into something special.
Arriving on the island for the season is always special. After a bunch of cool damp weekends of Spring, Summer weather is welcome.
We walked down to the ferry to see the sunset, when Lake Hopatcong Chapter Ray Reynolds was going by. I shouted to Ray to meet me at an island dock for sunset photos. Being a good guy, Ray did. After the photos, being a great guy he offered a ride! Never say no to a ride!
So the magic of Hopatcong, Woody Boaters and sunset strikes again!”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Thanks Ray and Kays. Wait. Kay’s & Rays Oh! YA! We have a new Sunset team!

Magic hour on Lake Hopatcong. To think this is just 45 minutes from New York City… RAY! We have lost Ray to the sunset. Jealous? Ya me too. 

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  1. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    What a beautiful evening! The woody boater world sure has a lot of nice folks in it! It’s really incredible, 45 minutes from New York City!

  2. Troy in NY
    Troy in NY says:

    Just cruised up the East River yesterday (lower right). I guess that is as close to Hopatcong (upper left) as I am going to be able to get in Melody.

    Thanks for the great views!

    • Floyd r turbo
      Floyd r turbo says:

      You should stop in at the Bronxonia Yacht Club just north of Throgs Neck, they have a good anchorage. Just a few years ago, my son and I left on a Thursday night, arrived at the BYC 4pm to pick up a 23’ Lancer I bought. After 3 hrs of repacking bearings, installing new wheels and tires and installing new trailer lights it was back on the road on a Memorial Day Friday evening through NYC. What was I thinking. At least we barely idle over the bridge joints so as not to bounce the boat around for hours as we tried to exit the “Big Apple”.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Beautiful sunset photos! Thank you Matt, Bob and Ray.
    And let’s add a little Muskoka sunrise to start the holiday weekend.

    • Dan Overbeek
      Dan Overbeek says:

      That is pretty cool! So many different boat types and eras represented on one small dock! It looks like a beautiful day!


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