The Gull Lake Shooter Shootout – Steve Lapkin


Dave Bortner never disappoints.

And so it begins with Steve Lapkin who shares his vision of the amazing Gull Lake show at Bar Harbor Supper Club. Texx is working on the report with Dane Anderson. So clearly all the big guns were shooting. And we get to be the witnesses of it all. And I get to make up the captions!!!!! Woohooo!!!! Take it away Steve.

Yellow, Pink and pure gold!


Now, sadly, winging my way west from the north country. You betcha! The Gull Lake Classic was, of course, classic……beyond classic: simply magnificent, including Mother Nature’s participation. The show was a one-day-affair, Saturday, August 28. The day before, Friday, was expected to include an elegant afternoon wet-afternoon (meaning – on-the-water.) We did manage to have some fun-afloat despite torrential rain that morning and the day before. Thus, the Friday parade time realized less participants but ample time for photography. Gull Lake is part of a chain-of-lakes which allows for modest and accelerated speed at times. The owners/boats did not disappoint.

Soft light, hard shines, and Minnesota warmth

just insane!

Right back at ya!

We all woke up, Saturday morning, to a misty, foggy, dryer sunrise which yielded a soft, simple landscape. You will note in some of the clicks that the backdrops are mellow, lush and/or muted. The assemblage of entries was beyond beautiful and belief. From Godfather (with her wicker chairs) on-down (or up), this field of dreams, I reckon, has had few, if any, equals.

wow, love it all. The Texaco sign is perfect

I can hear the rumble in the grey jungle


ALL thanks go to organizer-extraordinaire David Bortner, with John Allen and the Lee Anderson family as emcees. The show event was advertised as ‘the largest gathering of Chris-Craft’s ever. That proclamation was exceeded. No question, if you witness the images attached herewith. And, the Gull Lake classic sets the bar for what will likely be many similar venues as the marque will celebrate its centennial in 2022. From Chris-Craft to Gar Wood to Dodge to Century to Shepherd to Ditchburn to Riva. The weekend views were eye-popping. Even a new lady friend, Metta, was captured with her beloved four-feeter….Riva (that’s the pups’s name, not the marque!





Century style

Just crazy cool

Thats alotta smiles

Not sure whats going on here?


You take a ride and one day it will need a favor.. And then next thing you know you are selling truck loads of fur coats out of your restaurant.


Reflections of Gravetteness

Into the mist

My old friend!

Yope y’all enjoy. I had my fill including plenty of hot dish and pop. Doncha know?

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Top drawer boats, event, venue, photos and report. When you get Texx and Dave together with the Minnesota gang they never disappoint. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Amazing event and amazing photos. To have two of the best vintage boat shooters both at Gull -with Steve and Dane- is amazing. Add in some writing from Texx and it’s world-class coverage of a world-class show.

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Made my day. Thanks Steve and the team for sharing your little corner of the world. Dave B, looking good mate.


    To all who entered and participated in a marvelous venue at Gull Lake, August 28, 2021, my sincere thanks and best regards for your commitment to be present at the Land O Lakes Club Classic! This event brought some amazing people and priceless relics together for on-the-water and off-water camaraderie. A priceless time. Kudos to David Bortner, John Allen & his staff at Bar Harbor Supper Club and to Lee Anderson and family. I tip my hat in gratitude! Thank you Matt Smith for asking me to submit from the shoot (out!)

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Also, a huge thanks to the Land-o-Lakes BSLOL chapter. For a single chapter to pull off two major shows -one on Gull and one on Minnetonka- within weeks of each other is a major undertaking. When Dave Bortner first proposed it to the board there was a big gulp, but everyone dug in and made it happen. Dave was confident the club could do it and they did. And, of course, none of it could happen without John and Lee and the perfect venue of Bar Harbor.

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