The Hagerty Last Gasp Week Starts Today!

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Well, here we go, an entire week of spectacular images and fun stories from last gasp week. Last year this was one of the biggest readership weeks in our history. The first image is from the creator of Last gasp week, Alex Watson.. Now of course Alex has a jump on all of us being up in Hessle.. I think this was shot in June!!!  If you want to be part of it all, send in your images..We will look through them,our crack team of photo editors will analyze them to make sure they are all correct. Then our crack team of content editors will check the stories.. And then as a final quality control I will check spelling while our editors go on there crack break.. Dang that stuff starts out cheap.. Thanks to our official Woody boater Insurance company we will also have a special prize this year. So send them in.

To start off the week, we got some fantastic images in last week.. Here goes. The first one is from Bill Loose and his story.

“Although more about the moment and less about the boat, attached is a photo of our 1935 Dodge model 103 after it’s last evening cruise on a wonderfully placid Skaneateles Lake in New York 2 weekends ago, where we enjoy the boat for the entire boating season. Dew is just starting to form on the varnish, so it’s got a softer look to it. It really pained me to see it hauled off to storage the next morning, an equally clear day and the lake was like a millpond. I have this image as my laptop desktop to remind me what I’m really working for”…
And this great moment from Dennis Bryson

Here is my entry. My wife snapped this picture last week while we were enjoying a day off. Usually this time of year in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada most the leaves are off the trees and it is allot colder, gloomier and my skiff is put a way for the year. So I feel very grateful this year that I can hold out as long as some of my fellow boater down in the U.S. If all goes well and the weather holds I will have one more ride this weekend. I pray to the weather gods for me.

And this one from Tom Keys Monotick, On.. This is a Spencer Boat works Crackerbox with a 1938 Ford flat head .. Dang.. Go Tom Go...

And theis image from our own Captain Grumpy… Randy Rush out on Lake Winnipesaukee

Just say'n here.. It's New hamphire and look at the leaves.. Yes.. This is cutting it close, looks to me .. and I am just saying... ya had a couple more gasps in ya here.. But I love the picture taking in the mirror!

There are more, some great stories to come.. Here is a nice last one for now..

This killer sunset .. yes a metaphor for the end of the season was shot by Jacob and Kristen Glick, Holland Michigan, The boat is "Norm" one of our faves here at Woody Boater

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Noon and I’m the first to comment? Just as I suspected. WoodyBoaters hibernate when the boats are all out. And why not? What else is there to do?

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Matt / Texx: Can you make the images clickable? That way, when Mayer submits his next, we can all find the Made in China label on the flora.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    I have gotten a bunch of new images today though.. some real nice stuff. Plus later this week I will divulge where Woody Boater spent his last gasp weekend.. INSANE!

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Well, I know it wasn’t Hessel. Impossible to hide the large WoodyBoater entourage in such a small town.

  5. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    Although it appears to be a mid-summer sunset, it was taken 2 weeks ago after wading through 50 degree water to get to the beach. Can’t believe the season is already over…

  6. chad
    chad says:

    Norm needs a couple plastic loons hanging off the transom.

    Look at the loons, Norman!

    Do it before THAYER IV jumps on the idea. Nothing wins awards like some plastic stuff floating around your boat.

    Trust me on this one.

  7. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Hey I must be famous im on Woody Boater today. I take a ton of those mirror shots, my favorite is the photo off the spotlight

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